Monday, 27 February 2012

what a weekend!

Sorry its been a while.... lots to do, people to see and all that

Elsie Moo's first birthday! what could be more important than that?!?!?! nothing in my book.... 
we had a birthday party at home for her with friends and family, and on sunday we went out for lunch and a nice long walk along the waterfront at Portishead. 

wanna see a couple of pics???

the birthday girl after opening presents

a birthday kiss
these are a couple of my have pics from the day and heres a couple from our sunday adventure:

Lola looking cool!

Happy after being taken out of the buggy with Daddy!
it was a lovely weekend, the sun was shining and every one was happy :)

now onto the crafty stuff that you've missed out on.... not that its very exciting I'm afraid!

this first page I did late saturday night after a very long day:

the prompt for this one was I feel like I'm......... it was supposed to be about me but you know I hate those pages, so I found some pics of Lola from last year on the trampoline and chose flying to end the sentence.
I also couldn't be bothered to think about it either so followed s layout by shimelle which site made as a starting point. 

the next is a bit rubbish so i won't show you it. it was a quirky so doesn't have a lot on it, maybe i will play with it  bait and let you see it in a better state xxxxx

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  1. So glad you all had such a lovely first birthday weekend :) Great pictures! Look forward to seeing the birthday layouts soon!

    I like your trampoline one, and it doesn't matter how you get started or how closely you follow a sketch, it's great!

    Carole xxx