Thursday, 2 February 2012



so just a quirky with the second instalment of my layout a day challenge....

the prompt today was favourite photo, so as I always scrap photos that I love straight away I asked my bestie Ali to choose a year and a month, and from that I chose my favourite picture from that folder, and these were them. 
I love them because Lola is not scared of the dragonfly that kept returning to her, and because she was so gentle with it once it had landed. 
I also love it because my Nan is in the background :)

the mahoosive butterfly( which is pretending to be a dragonfly!!) came from the floral centrepiece from our christmas display, I kept it for such an occasion as this, and love how it looks on the page, altho i did have to disect him a little as he was rather bulky!!! 

I have a few more class challenges to do today so might be back later with another instalment.

bye bye for now xxxx

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  1. This page is just WOW. Love the mahoosive butterfly, it is absolutely perfect on this page.

    Carole xxx