Thursday, 29 August 2013

2 peas

Another from the two peas in a bucket 213 in 2013 videos.

This started of lovely, and when it got to the end I found it really hard to finish. I'm not best pleased with it now but I can't stare at it any more.
It shows my baby Elsie with her BFF Isabelle playing at Noah's ark. There is a hidden tag which holds an extra photo and the journaling.
Ill link you up, I hope you can gain from it more than I did. This is the first video that Ive done and not tried everything suggested, it just wasn't my cup of tea but you might feel more comfortable with it xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Chicken run

Omg so a couple of weeks ago we went on a family day out to Noah's ark zoo farm. It was excellent and even in the hours and hours that we were there we didn't get to see or do everything.
What we did do tho as soon as we got there was to walk through the open bird enclosure where that had animals such as chickens, geese and ducks.
I'm not soooo keen on them flapping around but went with it and took the girls in. It turns out that Elsie is just like me and wasn't keen on them either but Lola is definitely Paul's girl. She ran around trying to touch them, feed them and catch them. In the end she caught 2 different ones but I hose jut to scrap one set today.

I apologise for the bad colours, imagine them in daylight, they are actually bright and vibrant I promise.
Please take a look and see I you can do this too, it was very simple and I have found we video as very easy to follow, it helps that we have similar styles :)
Let me know how you get on xxx

Climbing high

So today's gone a bit slower than expected but I'm getting there :)
Today's page is of Mike and shows him climbing the wall whilst he was on camp.
I used video 5 from 213 @ two peas and came up with this original design. When I say original t doesn't mean no one else has done it, it jut means I haven't copied it from anyone and made it up myself.
It happens to look quite different to the video page and I'm happy with that.

I loved the new things that this video made me try.
I used my cricut and the cricut craft room to make my own 3x4 card saying exactly what I wanted it to!!
I have also never really put things in the middle or on top of photos so that was another pointer from this that I HAD to do.
Let me know what you think xxxx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

2 for 1

So today I've got something different for you, no I've not turned my hand to sewing or card making but something I've never done before and so maybe new for you also?
I played along with video 4 today from lilleth eekels on the two peas website.
I will show you my layouts and then explain all.

Ok so 2 different layouts but using photos from the same event and using similar products to tie them together.
If I was to do a double page layout I ALWAYS have them linked in some way, the same papers over lapping the 2 papers for example. In this one I've effectively created a double spread for the album but by only linking the pages through products and not by having them as one page.
So you will see that they both have the same stamped image, the same patterned papers an the same washi tape.
They have different background papers, they are from 2 completely different sketches and have a few different embellishments yet we will know that they are meant to go together.
If you have never given this a go (like me) and always struggle to do traditional double page layouts (like me) you should attempt it today! It makes you think differently.
I will admit I struggled with the first page and ended up doing my own thing with it, but the second page came along quite quickly as I took the basic sketch but stopped watching the video and went with what felt right for me.
Lilleths style is one that I love and admire but it looks like its one i can't get on with myself. That makes me sad but we are who we are!!!
I'd love to know if you try it out xxx

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Girls day

My completed page from Video 3 from two peas 213.
At first I found it hard to watch, the sound isn't great and I like the videos where the Instructors talk as they make but this wasn't like that. In the end I did my own thin along the same lines as hers, take a look tho and see how you get on xxx

Friday, 23 August 2013


So I've stuck to it and I've now done week 2 of 213. I know I'm masses behind but I'm loving that a different person does the video every week. Which means you aren't stuck doing one type of page, there's variety.
Here's my week 2 page:

Awwww I love this little chap, my nephew baby Carter, and yes he probably will be called that forever :)
I love Corries style and how we managed to make something from nothing.

Kiss the bride

So last night I found another project to work my way through and get my teeth into. It's the 213 in 2013 videos from two peas in a bucket. If you have never looked, you must, being anal as I am I searched until I found the first episode and will be working my way through them like that. The idea is that they show you a layout and give you prompts as they go along.
The first one gives you 4. Ill let you find out what they are :)

I know I've just sai to find out but I firstly need to lead your eye to the most time consuming part of this page, and in fact this page was very much all about that. If you want it done quick then this isn't the layout video for you!!!
So I did some sewing.... By hand may I add!!! The first prompt was to add interest to your background paper by sewing onto it. So I did :)

I used all I the prompts fine to come up with this original design. It looks nothing like the page made in the video but for that I'm pleased because it takes me forever to make decisions if I'm not following a sketch or a lift so this helped a lot.

I'd love to know why you think xxxxxc

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Just call me bob!!!

After a little nap this afternoon, :), I managed to squeeze in another page which I've just finished. It's nothing fancy or amazing but it's another user my belt. If you could see how many photographs I have and still take you'd know why I scrap do much:)

This picture is of Elsie back in June, we were at my grandads and she had raided the Wendy house to find some toys. She came down with her hat on and told us all that she was now Bob the builder. As I was scrapping this page she even came over to look and said its me as bob the builder! Such a cute and clever girl I have lol.
The scrap lift was taken from shimelles tutorial on misting, look here.
See you sometime soon, enjoy the sun now it's back again xxx

The pin board effect

Good morning!!!
And what a lovely day it is :)
The girls are having fun at Zoe's and so I took my boys out for breakfast... Needed some time with them as they don't often want to do much together these days.
Now that I'm home without girls and with boys who'd much rather be in their room I get a few hours to scrap, what a lovey day :)

The idea behind this came from Lilleth Eekels. Another scrapbooker that I admire. Please check out we blog, she has amazing ideas.
Anyways enough talking I've got paper to play with xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

4 in a day!

And I'm not only talking about the layouts I've completed!!!!!
Ive actually Managed to scrap a photo of each of my 4 children during today's crafty session. I've purposely stayed awake and made myself do another page so that little Elsie wasn't left out :) and here it is:

I used Shimelle laines (aka glitter girls) YouTube video to complete this whole page. The only thing I changed were the papers and I switched the title placement with the journaling as its not my way to put the journaling at the top.
I love it so much that I may do a couple more similar as I had a few sets of pictures that this design would work with, watch this space xxxx

Spin me!

The last page that I've managed today with Carole!
I've scrapped 3 out of 4 children today maybe I should attempt to do a 4th????
This one shows Lola spinning on the spinny cups at the park in Portishead. She loves it so is nothing like me as I would hate anything like that.
If I manage to get another done ill be back later, but think that may be pushing my luck just a little :)

Teachers pet

Another page done with Carole's help. I would never have thought of this title or dared to use my little bambi had she not even here. Let me know what you think!!!

It uses a picture of mike with his very young teacher on his second to last day at school. I have included the letter that she wrote to mike in the memory folder that opens on the page:)

Party boy

So I've done another, this time I was so happy as I had my trusty friend Carole joining me again :)
This is the first time in weeks that we've managed to find time to scrap together so we have made the most of it. Here's the one I've made this morning with Carole's help:

This is an old photo of dan from his very first school disco. I've scrapped it before but I was happy to do it again.
I used my new papers that Carole bought me as the base and threw other stuff on to build it up.

Love Bude

So it's 10:30. I've built the girls a big den in the front room out of the sofas and a million blankets and cushions so they are more than happy playing there. The boys have done some jobs for me and are now back in front of their computers and I manage to do my first page!
Instead of using my normal dining chair to craft on, today I am using my ergonomic office chair as my back is still bad and is in need of support. It feels a bit weird to be scrapping at this height ad bit being able to reach things as I normally could but at least today I CAN craft.
Here's the page I've done this morning;

It includes a picture of Aunty Beryl, Lola and I looking out to sea, an a picture of Elsie getting blown away in the wind :) I chose to use these two pictures together as they were taken at the same time by my hubby Paul.
The journaling talks of my love for Bude and how, even tho it's just a place, it can change my whole mood. It's amazing!!!
The sketch came from a blog called artugolok. It's Ukranian but even tho you may not understand the words (like me) I recommend taking a look cause the sketches there are fab!

See you soon xxxx

Family time

Good morning :)

So yesterday I was an invalid, couldn't move too much cause my back had given up for the day, I hoped that I could spend this time crafting as the sofa was uncomfortable but as it turns put the craft chair was even more so.
I did manage ten minutes which was just long enough to finish this layout which has been sat on my desk for days!

The picture is of my gorgeous family outside tgi Fridays on Father's Day this year.
The hidden journaling talks about not having many moments like this as the boys are usually away or out or just not wanting to come :(

Anyways my back feels a little better today, although not fully back to normal so I'm going to have another rest day and hopefully ill be able to scrap at some point too :)

See you soon xxxx

Friday, 16 August 2013


Good afternoon on what has turned out to be a lovely lazy Friday!!!
I've managed a page today in between a busy day of playing, reading, catching up with family and friends and dozing on the sofa with my little snuggle bunny :)
Wanna see???

I chose another scrap lift from what who I know now to be my Ukranian friend :) I love her style and did it so easy to lift but whilst making it my own as I do.
She was also using a Russian sketch blog for her inspiration which is here.
I love this page and how it's turned out, I love the Amy angering rub ons and only thought about them after reading about Amy on the Ukranian blog. It's funny how things work out. As you can see I also did some sewing on this page! Using my new Amy tangerine sewing templates, they are so cool and easy!!!!


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Then it was summer

Another page tonight, I so miss scrapping when I don't do it, I swear by it helping me to get through a day with sanity intact. It makes me relax and happy which makes he rest of the family relaxed an happy too :)

So anyways, this page is another lifted from my new inspiration site.
And here's my take on it:

There was a video to watch to see how she did this but I couldn't understand a word it said so I watched the first ten seconds and got hit with inspiration right away. So I played with water an paint and after an experimental page I eventually got it right. It is whiter and brighter than this in real life but its starting to get dark here so the light is rubbish. You get the idea anyhow.
Off for a shower now and some more of our current tv series watch, breaking bad, in bed :)
See you tomorrow xxxx

Oldies are goodies

So going through the boxes of sorted photos really helps me use older ones up. I get to choose from all photos and never know what I might be scrapping next.
This time I used another sketch from the happy moments blog to create this page of a little Lola eating ice cream

I'm sorry that the photo is slightly wonky but you get the idea. I loved doing this page and would love to know what you think of he minimal look?

Quick catch up

Hello and happy Thursday crafty peeps :)
I'm sorry I've been away a little while, firstly we had a 12 hour crop on the weekend which went amazingly well. Considering we were kicked out of our normal hall due to THEM double booking, so we were in a new place for this month.., it was lovely tho. In the library at Leigh court. A stunning house where weddings are normally held. I'm very lucky that my husband works there and that someone had cancelled a wedding for the very weekend that I wanted. (Poor bride tho)

Anyways enough gassing, here's a few of the pages I've been making that you've missed.

The girls and Izzy playing in the paddling pool at keryns. All having a fab time enjoying the sun :)

My garden view when the weather is hot!

Glitter girls challenge to use 3x4s on a layout. They are one of my favourite things at the moment so I had no problems here. Picture of Elsie dozing on the sofa after not quite a full nights sleep.

Lola and friends at Harley's birthday.

My cousin Matt and his son, baby Carter. I love this photo and both of those boys!

Then back to my dan photo box where I found this golden oldie! Way back in 2005 when we were both slightly smaller :)

And last but not least Mike in a mask! What else can I say :)
the sketch for this page came from a site that unfortunately I cant pronounce as i think its Russian>??? but their sketches are lovely check them out here

As I mentioned my fave things I thought I'd go into them a bit for you.

So my top 3 scrapping essentials at this moment in time:
1: 3x4 cards also known as project life cards. I buy them as project life kits even tho I never use them in pockets always on pages. They are quick, easy and fun!

2: washi tape, these will again always be in my top 3. So easy to tear apart and stick on to give that little bit extra to a layout.

3: and a bit of a weird one for me as I NEVER thought of say it..... Stamps!
I adore the studio calico stamps that come in all of their kits. Always so easy to use, great and versatile for all pages. As you can see from my pages above, all of these things have been used a lot!

I hope you share some of my loves and if not maybe I can inspire you to try them?

Bye for now


Friday, 9 August 2013

Love archery

So doing these photos last night was completely unexpected. I've had them for over a year and not thought twice about them but now they're down on paper I think they look great.
I used another of shimelles challenges, yup I'm still busy working through them :)
This one was a sketch which I loved as the 3x4 cards are one of my favourite things to use at the moment.

Yellow was the dominant colour in the pictures, drawing attention to my top, that I haven't worn since the guy running the archery said I attracted wasps because it made me look like a big cake!!!! How rude!!!
Anyways the page tells that I love archery ad my reasons why x

Thursday, 8 August 2013


So today's been another busy day at the office :) hard at work on secret projects can take it out of a girl you know!!!
But I came home, had a power nap whilst cooking dinner then I was raring to go, this time I needed to scrap. My time, my space , my hobby and it makes me relax, just what the doctor ordered :)

I used the next of shimelles challenges but swayed more towards the guest designer page than shimelles actual page. Sorry Shimelle :(
Anyways here it is:

The pics are of Elsie and Izzy. So cute that at 2 Elsie has a best friend and although they have little tiffs about whose toy it is or who wants that particular drink whenever we are out and about they stick together like glue. Always watching out for each other, they definitely have each others backs. Sooooo cool.

Countdown to crop

I'm so excited its almost crop and this month it's extra exciting for a few reasons. Firstly it's my birthday crop, I always bring cake and that's gotta be good right :)
Secondly we are having a 12 hour crop this month including a BBQ and we are at the stunning location of Leigh Court.
Thirdly.... It's also the weekend of the balloon fiesta so as well as a fab place to scrap we can also have a Birdseye view of the balloons without all the crowds and for free :) amazing!!!!!

So as usual this week has been hectic what with school holidays, day trips out and preparing for Saturday but I did manage to squeeze in this page a couple of days ago based on another of Shimelles challenges.

The challenge I used for this particular page was to make a layered embellishment of your own from other smaller pieces that stack well together.
Mine is the tag at the bottom of the page, I added an oval and a die cut label piece and layered a word sticker and butterflies over the top of it all.
I'm quite glad I did this challenge as I wouldn't normally do something like that but I think it looks pretty an works with the softness of the page.
Thanks for looking.
See you soon xxxxc

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Moving on up

Another Shimelle challenge but this time I just redid the last one again as I was tired of waiting for another proper one to come up, and as Sod's law go I started this one moments before Shimelle posted a new challenge :)
As the saying goes, I've started so i'll finish!

This page uses some photos of mike that were taken by the school whilst he was away on camp. These show him climbing the wall, I'm proud that he even started seeing that he is scared of a lot of things.
I took inspiration from another Shimelle video and took it from there.
Thanks for looking, maye I have time before bed to do the next challenge?????

Big brother

Over the past month or so Lola has been addicted to watching My Little Pony over and over and over on YouTube. so much so that one of the theme tunes has gotten into my head and actually features as the title of this mornings layout.

Big brother, best friend forever..... so true of Dan and any of his siblings.
He is what I would call a true big brother, he will look out for any of them, all of them... help them, look after them... with the girls he helps me to look after them... its special, he's a very special boy and I am a very very lucky mum.

Shimelles challenge this morning was to use one of her sketches from a previous video to create a layout.... I changed my mind a few times but purely down to the fact that Dan doesn't have many photos left in his photo box.... I keep them all sorted into each child, a box for myself and paul and then a mixed family box which contains photos of more than one of us.
down the other side i have boxes that contain pics of our wedding, our holiday in spain and other outside family member.... of course i have one for Baby Carter too :)
Each time i complete a layout I take a photo from a different box, and rotate around the boxes so that I'm not just scrapping the girls constantly, as that is so easy as they love to be the centre of attention and its real easy to take photos of them!!!

Anyways back to Dan.... this was the third set of pictures that i chose, the first two came from just his box but I just couldn't get started on them, it didn't feel right and i knew that if I kept going the end product wouldn't be something that i loved. So instead of doing that I went through the pictures including more than one of us and found this set that has Dan and Elsie.
It was taken whilst we were at the boys grandparents house, but I haven't spoken about that in my journalling, i chose instead to talk about his relationship with the others and how proud i am of him.

Im waiting to see if Shimelle has any more fab challenges for this weekend,if so ill be back soon.... its quiet here at the moment, Lola has gone to a birthday party, elsie is eating lunch whilst watching mr tumble and Paul has disappeared somewhere upstairs! just me and my stash..... :)

Family fun

Good morning!!!
Aunty Chris you are going to LOVE this post :)
Shimelle posted another challenge as I was going to bed last night but I saved it for this morning.

I used a picture of my elders :) in height order from the front we have uncle Mick, Aunty Sue, my mum, Aunty Jan, uncle Keith, Aunty Chris, Grandad and uncle Norm!
The journaling tells about how on the only time I wasn't with them for lunch they get up to all sorts of craziness lol.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Simply perfect

My last page of the day, I've been up for 18 hours an I'm ready for my bed!

I apologise if the picture quality is bad, it's pitch black here and my kitchen lighting is horrendous so it is what it is.
This page is from my wedding photo box, yup almost married 5 years and I'm still working through them.
These are the favours that I made for my guests and ourselves :) Haribo are my most favourite treat so what better to reward myself with and thank my guests with than what I love.
Plus they looked really lovely in the clear boxes with the ribbon.
I used shimelles last challenge today which was to scrap lift ourselves or use the old video that Shimelle had posted.
I chose to use a newer video of shimelles as back in the day Shimelle as others did, used to record the video and then voice over the top and I can't stand watching vids like that. (Sorry Shimelle) but I'm really loving your now videos, they are perfect :)..... Please pass on your video techniques to lilleth eekels as I love her work but can't stand to watch her vids :(

Anyways I used a glitter girl video for panoramic photos but chose two photos instead that worked together.

Off to bed now, see you all tomorrow xxxxx

Little man


I've been missing in action I'm afraid, food shopping and making loveliness for craft fairs called but now I'm back and straight into it.

This was for shimelles next challenge. This time it was to use embellishments in groups of 3.
I used 3 cards (the red chevron is a 3x4 cut in half!) 3 brads, I stamped in 3 sections, I've got 3 places where the blue alpha shows up and the same sections also have cork too.

I'm definitely on a roll today, really enjoying shimelles weekend hope you're playing along too xxx

This is the life

So by now you must all know of my love for Bude!
This photo was taken the last time we were there, it includes me (again) and Lola with Aunty Beryl as she told me about the rock that is shaped like a beach hut, you must see it to believe it.
I've hidden my journaling which talks about how I'd low to live there and I've kept the design of the page minimal to keep the focus on the photo.

Shimelles challenge this time was to start with a product or piece that you've always wanted to use but never have. Mine, weirdly, was this red card which says 'this is the life' I don't know why I love it so much but I do. I also love the banner at the top, I've seen a few layouts which use this but none that I'd feel comfortable replicating so I've used it here.
Better to use things when you love them than squirrel them away until you dot love them anymore.

click here for shimelles post

Just me

Well I have been a busy girl this morning!!! Second page done and another that I love :)
This time shimelles challenge was to use stickers and lots of them, you can find that post here:
Shimelle stickers

Here's my page:

I'm trying to reinforce my self esteem, my self belief and I'm learning how to love myself for who I am, I think by doing this I can do the things I want to do and be the person that I want to be.
For instance it really all started yesterday when Keryn and I took our second set of 'fat photos' in short it's me wearing underwear only, nowhere to hide the bits that I hate about myself, but as we've been dieting the bits I hate are slowly going away and the photo diary is a great way to see myself shrinking because I am doing something positive.
I've only lost 8lbs so far but I'm happy doing what I'm doing and as we are doing it alone I think that's pretty good. I have a fair way to go to get to target but having jut booked a holiday for next year we definitely have something to work to.
The stickers all came from the Amy tangerine booklet and the black ones a sheet from an old studio calico kit.
The hidden journaling is a letter to myself, giving myself a pep talk about where I wanna be and what I want to do. I'm feeling good so let's hope it works :)


All aboard!!!!!

Good morning happy crafters! And wow was I up early this morning :) Elsie disturbed at 5am then as usual I couldn't get back to sleep once i ha sorted her out so instead of wasting time led in bed, I got up, came downstairs and I've done my first page of the day. Wanna see?

This is probably one of the few layouts that I have done of Elsie on blue paper!
The challenge from Shimelle which you can find here:Shimelle Laine

Was to choose 3 4x3 cards and work a page from that. I must say I loved it! It made my creativity and imagination run wild. I wasn't blocked by having to worry about putting this here or that there, I just did what felt right.
Probably helped by the fact that I have LOVED those 3x4 cards since I got them in my studio calico project life kit an have been waiting for the perfect moment to use them an this was definitely the time.
Once I'd chosen my cards I then found photos from Elsie's box (it was her turn next) an these train driver ones couldn't be better.
Thanks Shimelle for kicking off my morning in the right way, I love my page, I'm wide awake and I've already finished a page by 6:30 in the morning.... Marvellous xxxxxxxx

P.s this is how Elsie looks now after waking up again, coming downstairs with me an falling back to sleep on the sofa!

Off to start on the next one.
See you soon xxxxx

Friday, 2 August 2013

Rainbow promise

So I just finished up telling you about Shimelles weekend, I go to see if there was anything posted and lucky me, challenge one was uploaded and ready to go.
You should go here to see what I saw :) :

This is what I came up with using shimelles video and my own judgement. I chose to give the whole square a black mat to lift if from the red. I also did what I never do and mixed one letter in amongst a different alpha to make a word in my title, I needed to because I didn't have enough letters to make the word that I wanted but I was unsure because is not usually how I would work. But I've left it there..... Maybe I'll change it????
The pictures are of Lola making her rainbow promise at the gates of Buckingham Palace when they went to watch trooping of the colour back in June.

Thanks for dropping in, hope to see you more over the weekend xxxxx

Mud mania

Nope, not the family fun we had today but the feeling you get when you look at the photos in today's page. Lets get straight to it:

This page was inspired by a card sketch that Carole had pinned on Pinterest. It was a basic design which I've pretty much stuck to but in my own way.
The photos show Michael whilst on school camp, I love these big chipboard stars that are made by my lovely friend Di and her hubby, check them out! Their business name is Tando and they are soaring at the moment, it's no surprise when you the the range and quality of their products. Love it all xxx
Anyway, I chose to keep them bare to match the earthy feel and to emphasise this I kept my chipboard alpha bare also.
I used coffee instead of spray ink to splatter on my very clean page and I think it worked well. I wanted it to be seen but not to take over an I think this does that.
This weekend Shimelle is doing projects and things from tonight until Sunday so hopefully I will find some time to play along. Will you join me?????