Friday, 3 February 2012


so today is the 3rd of Feb and i bring you my (should be third) but 4th layout of the month.
I have managed to do this one in an hour whilst Elsie has been sleeping, so it was quick and is easy but I actually quite like it.

The pic is of Michael at TGI's last month when we went to celebrate his birthday. 
The prompt this morning was: Who are you?
As I don't really wanna do a page about me, it did cross my mind but quickly left..I thought this would be an ideal time to scrap this photo and let him have future reference to what was going on in his life at the age of 10. 

I also (apart from my background card stock.. ALL SCRAPS! well done me.... plus I managed to use old alphabets that have been sat in my alphabet bag for years!! I never thought they would see the light of day, as they aren't my have to look at but I think they work quite well on the page. what do you think?!?!?!?

In other news.... today is stupidly freezing, its -7 here and you can definitely feel it...wish I was with Elsie tucked up in bed nice and warm, but far too much scrapping to do around here to be sleeping lol... I have also not done very well on my diet this week and have put on a pound!!! eeeeeekkkkk.....
Im actually not to worried to be honest tho, as I haven't had a good week, I know I have been eating really bad so I was expecting more, so all in all quite happy that it wasn't more and today I'm feeling positive and am rejoining the band wagon once again

Wish me luck xxxxxx


  1. This is a lovely mix of colours for a boy's page. Well done you. Perhaps I should look out some photos of my sons and come to next Lollicrop!

  2. you definitely should Emm.... you know you can always shout me and I'll willingly help you out xxxxx