Wednesday, 15 February 2012


So just a little moan about how rubbish i feel before showing you my 2 pages from today.
my eye has puffed up again , weirdly underneath this time tho, it feel horrible and itchy and sore :( and I'm still snuffly with a headache and feeling a  bit yuck...but thats life and when you're a woman you have no choice but to get on with it.

so today I've looked after all the kids, and been food shopping this evening. luckily I didn't have to cook dinner as my mum and grandad were here and we got some fish and chips out, naughty but nice!!!

the prompt for today was about music and songs that we relate to things.... thought of a few ideas but one that stuck in my head the I really wanted to get onto paper, was how Lola is always singing and dancing..and how her favourite song at the moment is Marry you, i don't know who its originally by but we have obviously played the version from the glee 4 cd far too much!!!!

as a result of this song, she asks anyone she meets to marry her, this week she has been married to grandad, nanny, daddy, and Pete lol its quite cute!!!

Which picture i chose here was not important as the story that as told.... I also scrap lifted your page Carole!!! love it!!! 
obviously used more of my studio calico kit, because i can and its so yummy lol

heres my second page:

the pics are of both of the girls last week, wearing nannys scarf and posing!!!
we thought Lola was bad for loving the camera but it appears that Elsie is gonna be much the same. 

I love the simplicity of this page and it was actually taken from a studio calico sketch from the 2nd feb 2012. I loved using my paint dabber and the minimalist style. this is amongst one of my fave pages from this LOAD.

thanks for looking today, I'm off for a sit down, a rest and early to bed!!

goodnight all xxxxxx


  1. Hi, I came to your blog from LOAD. Checking out everyone's blogs. I find much inspiration from other's blogs. Your layouts are really cute! This has been a really fun go around.

  2. Love both layouts and I totally missed them in the large LOAD gallery!

  3. Loving both of these layouts Emma ... love your minimal one, it just works brilliantly :) And how could I not love the other one??? I'm flattered that you liked mine enough to scraplift it!

    Carole xxx