Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My 5

So I DID manage a second page for today and again this was thanks to my amazing friend Carole who always makes me do stuff that I don't fancy doing but it always seems to work. :)

I love circles but am not keen on a lot of them being the focus of a page, well you wouldn't think that here:

Based on another pin from Pinterest this page was relatively quick and simple and a fab one for using up scraps. Luckily I had bought just last week a 2.5"circle punch from studio calico and so it really was perfect for this. I added layered embellishments to bring focus to certain places and to create my triangle on my page and around my photos. although I don't usually so a lot of stuff on my pages I think it may be missing something but for now it is what it is!

See you tomorrow xxxx

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Week 17

So just a quicky as I think about what to have for lunch!
Today is Tuesday and in my book that means CRAFT day! So this morning Carole found me a lovely pin on Pinterest, I will add a link soon and I did my usual trick of being inspired by, but not at all making it look like it should, as all of my scrap lifts do!

So this uses all of my photos from week 17/52.
It shows my new tattoo that I got done on Tuesday, Lola at the doctors on Wednesday, Elsie at playgroup on Thursday, my big night in collection pot for Friday. Also Elsie's black eye which came about from playing on the slide / slider (depending on where you're from ) a family lunch shot for Sunday and my Nandos lunch yesterday. It's been a busy week with family visits and party planning and a few extra hiccups on the way so this planned but not very well planned page works perfectly for this mix of pics. Hope to be back later with another layout for you and if not come back tomorrow as its the 1st May and LOAD starts again!
See you soon xxxx

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Testing testing....

Okay, so it's been a while....
My Aunty Chris has been down this weekend to see the family but also to support me in my great night in raising money for the Macmillan charity, for that I am extremely thankful :)
My Aunty Chris is one of the only people I know who visits my blog on a regular basis and wow, did I get a telling off for not updating, she could even tell me the month in which I last blogged! Sorry :( I was also told that one of her friends follows me also and has been missing it so here I am doing a post just for the 2 of you, hope you like it :) xxxxx
You may also notice that I am posting from my IPad?!!??! I can usually only post from my mac, which I don't tend to use all the time so I did some research and found an app for my phone and iPad which allows me to blog and post photos without all the extra hassle, see how good I am to you!
So to kick it back off I thought I'd share with you the 2 layouts aunty Chris hasn't seen, as I've only done them this weekend, one I started whilst she was here and the other I did today so it will be a nice surprise to see something new.

This first one is my project life page for week 16.... If you don't know about project life it involves everyday normal photos. There are many ways to do project life, I choose to take a photo everyday and then I do a scrapbook page every week using those photos. Some of them I have done in my normal 12x12 format and others I'm doing in pocket pages, which are very new and still a bit weird to me but I try my best!

This second one includes photos which are courtesy of my friend Ali. My youngest daughter Elsie invited herself to Ali's parents house for Sunday dinner a few weeks back and this is what else they did whilst there!
So im hoping that's enough to keep you going for now? Now that I can blog via iPad I should be back more often
See you all soon
Love and hugs Emma xxx

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