Tuesday, 21 February 2012

its a late one!

By my book anyways :)

I have been busy watching (and ordering a little) on qvc... who could resist with mr Timmy on the set??
not that I am obsessed like some of you but I do like his stuff, and actually didn't end up ordering his stuff but did bag myself a martha stewart round the edge punch, another to add to my collection...ooops!!!!

and with a lovely visit from my Grandad and my Aunty Jan, who we haven't seen in ages... I didn't have much time to scrap, plus I had the extra chore today of making pancakes!!1 yum yum yum

So I put the girls to bed and sat down to scrap with my online friend Carole.. (waves) 
I had already chosen a photograph to go with the prompt for today which was My home town... a hard prompt as I didn't have a clue initially, but when I thought about it , things became clear.
I decided to scrap about my mum, my grandparents and their parents and how we were all born in Bristol and still remain here.

I had to find a photo which represented Bristol to me, without being one that I hadn't taken myself, or one that I didn't like and was just scrapping for the sake of it, I really do hate forced pages. 
I found a lovely one taken last year early one morning before school, a beautiful rainbow appeared outside our front door so I managed to get a pic or 2. 

anyways heres the page:

I asked Carole, butterfly or no.... luckily she said yes because by the time she'd replied I had already stuck it with glossy accents lol.... then I told her i was putting clouds along the bottom and she didn't sound too convinced!?!?!? which again was too late as I had already stuck one of those too lol... I don't hang about you know, its almost bed time :)

As usual its not a page overloaded with embellishment, I don't think thats me, and I will have to get used to that but I think its cute and I'm pleased with the colours and how they look together. I wrote the story straight onto the photo, which you probably can't see too well here but its there in white pen honest :)

anyways.... nearly time to go to sleep... ready for a full day of crafting tomorrow when the littlies go to mums :) yay xxxxxx

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  1. OK, I apologise for being a doubting Thomas, those clouds look great! But when someone tells you that they are putting clouds at the bottom of their page, well, it just sounds so wrong!!! The butterfly is gorgeous, as is the photo, and no, couldn't see the journalling! I envy you living so close to all your family though, and not being the black sheep ...

    Carole xxx