Sunday, 12 February 2012

decisions decisions......

morning beautiful people!

I didn't get chance to post anything yesterday as crop days are always manic and I'm always knackered by the time i have gotten home and unpacked, and done accounts etc etc, so have waited til this morning to upload yesterdays creation (which isn't great) and this mornings page, which is slightly better lol

This is yesterdays page, the prompt for LOAd was school days.... I tried to print off pics from Lolas first day at school but the printer was being nice yesterday morning so I ended up going to crop empty handed, however once I got chance to sit down and think about it I came across a couple of photos that were suitable for the prompt, this one of Daniel on sports day being one of them.

It was a very quick page, as i had taught a class and had lunch and was slowly running out of time but it has down the job. It wasn't a picture I thought I ever would get around t scrapping so I guess thats a good bonus.

the second page is a photo that I printed off on Friday evening and have been wanting to scrap since i took it. 

heres Lola posing as usual when the camera comes out. she did a few normal Lola poses and then pulled this face which just makes me laugh. it looks like she has a moustache!! she's so random, but wouldn't be lola if she wasn't.... this morning she was planing with a bead necklace that she was given by one of my crop ladies yesterday and she was thinking of ways she could make it 'stylish'!!!! god know sphere she got that word from, i don't think i've ever been stylish in my life so definitely not from me lol.

anyways thats another one for the ever growing album collection... Im still waiting for todays LOAD prompt to come up, its usually here by 5am, but something is wrong with it and everybody has the email but the link doesn't work... so guess I will have to find something else to work on whilst I'm waiting 

have a good day everyone xxxx

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  1. Loving Lola with her moustache! Gorgeous layout, really pretty and funny all at once!!!

    I like the other layout, despite it being very YELLOW!!! Great stars ;)

    Carole xxx