Tuesday, 14 February 2012

happy love day!!!

hope you area ll having a happy valentines day and if you are married, in a relationship...that you are being spoiled rotten. and if you are single that you are living it up as you should be :)

I was very spoilt as Paul bought me a new hot diamonds necklace, I was very surprised as he has bought me loads of jewellery and I only tend to wear it on special occasions, down to having so many kids and the fact that they love to pull it and it just tends to get a bot annoying. plus i wouldn't want it to get broken... so I was very shocked to receive my gift this morning.

It is beautiful and I am wearing it now, and until tonight i would imagine but elsie has already pulled at it a few times so it wi;ll be taken off only to come out when we go somewhere nice.
its this one: aren't i lucky x

So here is my page for today:

the prompt this morning was love lasts... I thought about doing a page of Nan and Bamps wedding anniversary, but couldn't do it, not yet...
then it crossed my mind to do another page of Mike with his disgusting soft toy which is called cow, he's had it since he was 3 months old, its actually a zebra but h has always called it cow so thats what it is. 
you can imagine after 10 years its not looking its best but he still has it and loves it, takes it to bed and all that kinda stuff. its been through the wash a few times and still is hanging!!! but its valentines day so i kinda felt obliged to do a page of me and the man.

I received my studio calico kits whilst thinking about why I was gonna do with my page, I went a bit nuts this months and ordered quite a bit so i had a lovely large parcel to open up and drool over, there was loads in there that would have made this page special so I chose out a couple of patterned papers and just did what sprang to mind.

the extras, like the lanes etc all came from a free printable... find it here

I got it from someone else's pin on pinterest and I am glad I did, they are perfect!!!

thanks for looking today, hope you enjoy your day xxxxx

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  1. Such a cute page! Love all the hearts and the romantic feel to it! But fancy using your new kit on the actual day you received it!!!!!!! Whatever next?!

    Carole xxx