Friday, 24 February 2012

numbers numbers everywhere!!!

Today is the 24th February 2012..... I have counted up my layouts for this month and including the one I am about to show you I have done 30 since the 1st Feb!!! how amazing is that!!!! Im very pleased with myself and surprised that I am still going, but I am, and eager too. 

Also more numbers.... Elsie will be 1 tomorrow!!! how scary is that, it seems only yesterday that I was upset and devastated over the trauma we went through with her arm and yet today she is up there with all the rest. and damn quick, cheeky and naughty with it too :)

The prompt for today was also numbers, which got me thinking about all of these things, I chose to do a page about my boys and the magic number 10. There is 10 months, 10 days, 10 hours and 10 minutes between them!! Dan was born on 9th March 2001 at 4:05pm...Mike was born on January 19th 2002 at 2:15 am.... I'm sure if I do the math properly it doesn't work out to be all the tens but it sounds right when you say it. 

so here is my page:

I have always loved this picture, it was taken in Feb 2002 so Mike was maybe a month old if that and Dan 11 months. I love the love between them already, Daniel has always been a cuddly, loving boy and this shows from a very early age.

I chose these colours from a design seeds post called lime tones, as anything would have worked really with a black and white pic. 

thanks for looking today xxxx

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  1. Gorgeous photo, and gorgeous colour scheme you chose for this layout Emma, love it! Such a cute pear too! And I see that you have been brave again and gone at your lovely page with wet stuff :/ However, your splats look lovely!

    Carole xxx