Monday, 6 February 2012


hooray for a non emotional day!

Todays LOAD prompt was titled "little girls dreams"

so I chose to do about Lola and her posing, I swear she wants to be a model or an actress or something when she grows up, altho when I asked her this morning, she replied that she wants to be a fairy, and then went into a long story about how me and Elsie could be fairies toto, and we would sneak into big girls rooms cause we're really sneaky fairies lol.

her imagination is absolutely amazing!!!

anyways here it is:

I started by flagging up on my mac, all the photos of Lola that showed her posing, and loving the camera, then I whittled it down to my favourite 20 and one by one, made them all square and black and white. 
then I printed them out in strips, I was going to cut them up separately but when I did the first strip and led it on the page I actually quite liked it as it was, plus it was a lot less work lol.

I used wash tape again, its a good job all of these pages are not going in the same album else they'd all look the same, I can't help it I'm just addicted to the stuff.... and as a bonus when I was ordering more stock for shop this morning I searched for it and I will be able to stock some lines of wash tape myself from march!!! woohoo!!!

ooh... and whilst Im here and because I don't want you to miss out or think I have even slacking, heres another page that I finished yesterday:

Im not overly keen on it, think the title gets a bit lost amongst the busy patterned paper but its another one done, and its of Daniel for a change...bonus!!!

you can also see how difficult it is for me to get a photo of him, the pics are of him trying to dodge me in the kitchen!!!

thanks for popping in today

take care


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  1. Love your Supermodel page Emma, great idea to use strips of photos, and loving your stars again!

    Great layout of Daniel dodging the camera too!

    Hugs, Carole xxx