Thursday, 23 February 2012

what a lovely day :)

It started off very chilled, after I dropped Lola to Zoes for the day I came back and put the kettle on. Elsie was playing really nicely with her toys in the front room and I decided to upload some of my really old photos from discs onto my mac.

for one because I was looking for a certain picture which isn't on my mac, and secondly just because I wanted to broaden my choice of photos over the last remaining days of LOAD.
Elsie went to bed at about 10am and I had a lovely visit from Louisa at half past.
We haven't had a chinwag for weeks, so it was lovely to kick back with a few mugs of tea, natter about crap and not stress about anything. She had also bought us some weight watchers bagels for lunch, they were very yummy and you left the other 2 here babe if you want them :)

after Lou left I chose which pictures I was going to scrap today and printed them off, I found some lovely ones on my discs so expect some oldie photos for a while lol

then I had to collect Lola from Zoe's, and come home to put dinner on. on the way back from Zoes we came across Grandad who was hiding behind the lamp post..... lola found that a great game lol, so we had a cup of tea and a little chat about what had gone on during the day.

after grandad left I started my page as dinner cooked.... we had lemon and herb chicken with roasted carrots and potatoes, with a side of broccoli, it was scrumptious!!! I really enjoyed it and it was healthy too!!

here is my finished page:

Its of Dan when he was just 1, in his new car that Nanny and Grandad bought him, in their back garden.
the prompt today was road trip, I had been looking for photos of myself and Paul on a train to watch the rugby final in Twickenham but I came across these first, maybe I will load more on tomorrow and do another one.

Also this morning I signed up for a new class by Shimelle Laine, called hitch hikers guide to scrapbooking. 
The first chapter talks about papers and how to put them together, whether you use packs as put together by the manufacturer, or mixing kits, or just by randomly choosing colours which is what I always do. 

we also had a challenge which was to show before and after photos of our supplies. This was a challenge for me as its now how I normally work. I can't pick things out and use them for a page, usually I start with my photo, then find a background card stock, then add bits as I go along... choosing title letters and embellishments last. however for this challenge I had to decide what I was going to use before I had done anything..... but I did know me, always up for a challenge!

just incase you are interested this is what the before picture looked like:

See how I missed loads of it off??? I added extra bits incase I did need them, but I did use the blue card stock, its just really hard to see as it only mats the photos, i did use the wash tape, i mean why wouldn't i!!?? I did use a couple of the thickers and def the title letters and I was very good and didn't add any extras too it once I had chosen my stuff. it might look a little plain, and it probably needs a button or 2 but I might add that later on. its done and looking ok, plus I used 5 photos on one layout...go me!!!!! :)

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  1. Such a cute layout, even if it is YELLOW!!! Dan looks like he is really loving his new red car, bless him! Well done you for squeezing 5 photos onto one layout too!

    Carole xxx