Wednesday, 1 February 2012

pinch punch....

First of the month!!!
Cannot believe Feb is here already...and what madness that brings with it. this month I have signed up for LOAD which is a class to help make a layout a day... hence the initials!! 
I have already down my first and will post it in just a second for you to see....
I have also signed up for a photography class with Kirsty Wiseman, that starts tonight I think.... altho i don't yet have my camera back, I'm hoping it comes home soon cause I'm really lost without it :(......
and thirdly a class by studio calico about stretching your kit.... i can't really do anything with that until the middle of the month which is when my kit is likely to turn up so I'm good with that for now

then of course its Elsie moos first birthday on the 25th.... can't believe a year has gone by already, and what a year its been. too many tears and upset for my liking which means this year has to be better. time to make the most of what we have and be happy with it. 

right.... so here goes, the first page of LOAD:

The prompt today was titled: I've got good taste... and went on to talk about food obviously, but you could have turned it into anything really. the LOAD this time is trying to get us to look back further than the here and now, so I linked this photo with memories of growing up and how trifle was then and is still now one of my have desserts but how back then we only had it on a sunday dinner time with cakes etc.after having a big roast for lunch. that and at parties obviously yum yum.....

the next layout I finished yesterday actually and was for the next page in the pencil lines sketch book. 

I should probably put some more...or even some at all.... stuff on it, but I know I would only ruin it by what I chose so for now its staying plain...I did achieve something out of my comfort zone by stamping on it, so need a bit of time to get over that first lol.
these are pics of Lola a few days before Elsie was born, all the way through she loved to touch my ever growing tummy and one day I decided to take pics from my viewpoint of her doing it. they've been sat in my collection on the computer for almost a year, but what a fab time to scrap them, just before elsies first birthday. what a difference a year makes!!!
actually just typing that then I realised that I was gonna squeeze a bit of journalling in there somewhere, will have to work on that one!!!!

so now for some horribleness!!!
an update on my mysterious illness / rash / swelling up to look like  monster issues!!
here is a pic of what I looked like yesterday morning:

sorry the pics not great i couldn't really see too well lol.
so my eye was swollen, so much that i couldn't see out of it and this was with tablets!!! so back to the docs i went, i was given different antihistamines which have worked for now, altho my eye is still sore, and I'm currently waiting for the doctor to call with details of how my pictures of my rash went down at the hospital...hopefully someone there would have seen it before and be able to tell me how to cure it cause 8 months down the line I'm really fed up with it now!! anyone have any ideas id love the hear them!!!

right, its lunchtime on my day off this week...yes its wednesday and the girls are at mums again!! yay.... so I'm gonna go eat and then catch up with some more scrapping before having to go to a school meeting tonight to hear all about SATs preparation...cant wait for that one!!!
have a fab wednesday everyone xxxxx


  1. Even though I HATE triffle with a passion that scrapbook page is lush!
    I'm doing that photg course too, so please don't post any more of triffle!


  2. Loving your "famous" Trifle page Emma ;) It looks totally delicious by the way, as does the layout!

    Such cute photos of Lola! Don't think I've ever stamped on a LO either (no surprises there then!)

    Your poorly eye made my eyes water in sympathy!!! Hope you get it sorted out soon.

    Carole xxx

  3. Looks like you will be busy with classes this month! That trifle page is divine! Yummy! And I really like the second one a lot. I think its perfect how it is, but you could always add some itty bitty embellishments if you want some around the title and the stamp. I have that stamp too...its awesome!