Friday, 10 February 2012

complete scraplift!!!

evening.... its been a bit of a busy day today.

I have caught up with a friend, scrapped a page for LOAD, saw my Grandad, who got Elsie to  sleep, 
2 school runs, plus a bit of lunch and dinner in between and I also helped to make half a moon (out of paper mache) and painted a rocket (empty toilet roll) for a school project!

Ive just finished washing up the dishes that won't fit in the dishwasher and have printed off some photos for tomorrows crop, incase I get time to myself to scrap :)

I really love the page I made today.... I had 2 hours whilst Elsie slept to do it in.... but I kinda knew what I was gonna do so it was just a case of throwing it together. 

I knew I didn't have much time and with the prompt for today being favourite memory I knew what picture I was going to scrap and from that knew how I was going to do it.

look here on my interest board, you will see exactly where this page originated from. I practically copied it all as I loved it so much and i think it works really well with the photo I chose.

The picture is of me on my wedding day, holding hands with Ali (my best mate) as she helped me down the stairs... we shared a bit of a moment.. it was lovely and something I will always remember. I know that sounds a bit dodgy, and lesbian like but it wasn't like that at all...we are very close but not that close lol. 

It was just one of those moments when you realise how important that person is in your life.... I'm her wifey just as she is mine lol, or thats how outsiders see us anyways lol.

anyways....Elsie needs to go to bed now, and i need to prepare for a busy day tomorrow, I have 2 classes to teach, it will be fun...but Im always nervous of how the class will go down... we are making a mini book for the page too so i know some of the girls are gonna be scared lmao..hopefully they will love me afterwards tho 

have a good evening xxxxxx

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  1. Oh my goodness, such a beautiful page Emma :) Love, love, love it (but not in a lesbian way, teheee!!!) You looked beautiful too. Lovely memories.

    Carole xxx