Thursday, 9 February 2012

home sweet home?!?!


todays prompt for LOAD was home sweet home..... but today I'm not really loving the home life, I have very bad pmt this month for unknown reasons, so I am just screaming and shouting at anything that moves or makes a noise.... judge me if you like but I'm only human!!!

The thought of doing a page about how much I love home was just not appealing this morning in my frame of mind so I turned to think outside of the box and scrapped a picture of Lolas playing at Zoes, the childminders...her home away from home.

I sell this paper in my shop, its a making memories piece and is very boyish.... apart from the other side being blocky lines like a jotter (like this side but without the big green robot lol)
The plain side was my intention, I specifically searched it out in my stash cause i thought it would  work well with the number stamp that I wanted to put on it. 

But me being me did try the photo on the 'boy side and kinda liked it so just went with the flow.
obviously i had to girly it up a little, hence the splashes of pink with hopefully also tie in with the pain in the shaving foam... It took me less than an hour and I didn't think about what i was doing, i just did it. I think I scrap better this way, other wise I dwell on what it might look like, it takes me forever and I don't end up liking the end result anyways.

thanks for looking xxxxx

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  1. WOW! Loving this page! I so wish that I could just go with the flow like you do, especially when the results are such a fab page like this :)

    Carole xxx