Saturday, 4 February 2012

too early for deep?

morning everyone xxx

It was so cold last night that I came down at 6 to put the heating on before everyone else woke up, but then couldn't get back to sleep so got up! It meant I got a head start on the day and could watch my LOAD day 4 video in peace and start planning my page before anyone else was awake.... don't worry that aloneness didn't last long :)

anyway the prompt for today was 'the more things change'
and Lain said we should scrap the first thought that comes into our heads as this will be the thing that means most too us, or that we are most emotional about and I think she was right. 

I immediately thought of elsie and how over the last year she has changed my perspective of her future, so I scrapped about it. 
I couldn't find a photo that was good enough to represent what I wanted, until i looked over at her in her high chair, she was eating her toast and drinking her drink and I just thought.... its the most natural thing for someone to do but for her it takes more effort, yet she still does it. 
So out came my camera and I took the pictures today of the page I have just finished.

here it is:

I have been seeing some good ideas lately, both on Pinterest and coming out of the LOAd gallery, and here I have combined a few of them. 
I pinned a page the other day which was neutral in colour, apart from a tiny splash of pink, and that really attracted me, hence the colours of mine.... the other idea i borrowed was the journalling along the bottom block. this is the kind of page that needs a lot of words, thats what its all about so for this page I actually did the complete opposite of what i normally do. I printed my photos first, then I mounted those, as I knew I wanted them doubled up and colourless... then because I knew I was going to journal underneath, the backing piece behind my pictures had to be plain, so I found that next..... then I found my main background (which i normally do first thing) i added layers from there.

Incase you can't read it the journalling says:

All change.
its almost your first birthday and so much has changed in the year since you were born. At first I was worried that your little arm would hold you back in life, but how you have proven me wrong. you do EVERYTHING that any other child your age can do, you have faced every problem and solved it in your own way. Everyday you amaze me more and more. You are so special, I am proud to be your Mama, love you Moomin xxxxxxxxx

So now its only 9:45am, and I'm raring to do my next page, its a bit cold to go out..even tho i do have to get some food shopping!! so might just drag it out a bit longer and make something else pretty.

have a nice day everyone, especially you Carole!!!! hope it goes well today xxx

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  1. Beautiful page Emma, love how that little bit of pink makes the whole page seem girly and feminine, and I love what you wrote about Elsie too, brought a tear to my eye - in a good way :)

    We're just off! Will let you know how it goes (taken lots of pics already!)

    Carole xxx