Thursday, 1 March 2012


So February is over.... all 29 days of it!!
In this time I completed 32 layouts thats more than 1 a day which was the aim of LOAD, and altho I didn't follow the prompts towards the end I completed it and am happy with what I did.
I think I lasted until day 25. Elsies birthday before the prompts weren't exciting me any more, probably because I had new, gorgeous photos of my birthday girl that I really wanted to get started on and I'm not the most patient person in the world so just had to do it.

I did do prompt 25, 26 and 27 but couldn't finish 28 and 29 because my heart wasn't in it. instead and to compensate I did this page with the help and persuasive guidance from Carole!!!!

I asked for her help when it needed more faffiness.... yes thats my technical term, as you know I'm not great at embellishing and have real trouble with girly stuff so I sent her a few pics and she made a few suggestions.... some went really well, some not so well (concertina flowers, need I say more!)

but here is the end product, one of my favourite photos from Elsie's birthed, her eyes are beautiful and big, don't know where she gets it from but they are stunning. all poofed up and made special by the lollipop flowers and extra ones that i punched!!! who'd have guessed I owned a flower punch lol

the next is more manly..... and was taken from a Pinterest the link is here
I loved the cut out stars, and how the bits taken from it were used as frames. mine isn't quite the same but this was the direction that I wanted it to head in.
here it is:

I used papers from the basic grey Picadilly Range, only because... I had been giving one of my mums friends, Anne, a tutorial in the morning about how to use her new cricut 2 that she bought from me, and to test it I grabbed a piece of scrap from my bag and it happened to be this orange colour (see the doily shape bottom left) this is what we cut and I didn't want to waste it so incorporated it in my page, the rest just worked around it. 
the picture here is of Paul making fingers behind Michaels head on my birthday 2009 (i think) when we visited Noahs ark with all the kids. 

Now at the moment I'm living in a poorly house, Paul is off work with some sort of man flu.... Lola has a cough but was ok for Zoes this morning..... and Elsie has an ear infection, yet our really stupid doctors won't let her have any antibiotics until it gets worse??? surely if you're a doctor you become so to make people better, not to make them suffer before you decide that they are poorly enough to be made better again??? she was up all night last night screaming in agony, so none of us got any sleep, and she's miserable, tired and still in pain this morning. 
all of this doesn't make for an easy day scrapping, so I may be able to make a few roses!!! :) or i might not get anything done, lets see how she is, if she goes back to bed for an hour then i might do something if I don't fall asleep first :)

oooh before I go did you know its world book day???? I know its ST Davids day too, just saw that on the calendar, but its also world book day so the kids got to dress up for school as their favourite book character.
both the boys went as Harry Potter, one in a quidditch outfit and the other in school robes, I was up early making sure they were ready, scars and all.... and obviously taking pics before they left.

here are a couple:

the 2 of them posing!! 

mike as Quidditch captain!

of course Lola wanted to join in too!!!!

And finally Dan.... don't you like how i made their wands magic!!!! :)
so thats all I have to tell you about for today, hopefully I will get something done today but probably not...altho I have already made dinner for tonight and flowers won't take too long, or so Im told;)

see you soon xxxx


  1. :)

    Love your Elsie layout!!! Love your lollipop flowers! Love your punched flowers! Love how you "faffed" it up! Love it!!!

    Love your manly layout too! Especially the stars!

    Carole xxx

  2. CoraLee Kilfoy3 March 2012 at 12:44

    LOVE the "Men will be boys" title! I'll keep that one in mind...LOL
    And those Harry Potters are fantastic! My little boy is now in the Harry Potter obsessed stage! On our to-do list today is checking online for a wand and looking for birthday party supplies! Wish us luck! ;)