Wednesday, 8 February 2012

page of the day

todays page could have been another emotional ride, but my head and my heart needs a bit of a break before I go into meltdown, so I hose to take this prompt in another direction.

todays prompt was : I miss....

My first thoughts were of Nan as I do desperately miss her like crazy, but as I said I can't be doing more of that at the moment.... my second thought was that I miss being a size 8.... and am now considerably larger!!! I know I have a photo somewhere from when we first moved in here 5 years ago and i was super skinny and in the garden pegging out my washing lol... sounds glamorous I know but is a shot that sticks in my head, however I couldn't find that picture so had to get thinking....

All of the photos on my computer are post Lola so I'm pretty fat in all of them lol, so I turned to good old Facebook to find some half decent pictures... I found wedding ones, old school ones and eventually a nice one of myself and my friend Rachael at a wedding reception back in 2005.

here it is on my finished page:

I wanted a bright funky page, something that was happy after this weeks chose hot pink to match my top and other bright ones to contrast. I also used another sketch from the pencil lines book, gotta love a good sketch!!

hope you like it.... wasn't able to do more today cause I had crop stuff to sort for Saturday but will definitely be back tomorrow with the next instalment of LOAD!!!

take care xxxx


  1. Hi Emma! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your layout! Great colours - and the bunting of course! I think I used that sketch before but cant remember when!

  2. Love this page Emma, so bright and colourful and cheerful :) Loving your bunting, and nice to see you scrapping a pic of you (wasn't that one of your challenges???)

    Well done you!

    Hugs, Carole xxx