Monday, 20 February 2012

well that was easier than expected!

I have been to the bank, I've made white chocolate brownies and I've managed a scrap page, as well as eating lunch and playing some iPad games with Lola. 

When I heard the prompt this morning I was worried as it was relating to fashion, I don't do fashion, never have.... I hate old photos, even if I were to find some of myself as a kid in a shell suit, can't believe they were EVER in fashion!!! yuck!!!

So instead I looked through my small photo box to see if anything leapt out at me. 

heres what I came up with:

The photo is of Elsie at maybe a week or 2 old, and as soon as I saw it the title sprang to mind, so that was my decision made for me. 
I have seen a few layouts lately with stacks behind them so I knew I wanted to do that on this page and I knew I wanted quite a bit of 'white space' around it so as to focus on the picture.

I started by diving into my creamy coloured scrap bag and pulled out all the pieces that were about the right size to use, then I knew I wanted a light pink background paper, but as I was looking I remembered this one that came in my studio Calico kit this month, its by basic grey and is lovely!!!!

I got to work distressing some edges, screwing up other pieces of paper and hacking at others with my knife, I actually really like how well it all came together and how quickly it took me to do.

thanks for looking, be back tomorrow with day 21..... don't worry not too long now and it will all be over :)

1 comment:

  1. Fab page Emma! I too love the Basic Grey background paper, and the too cute pic of little Elsie bear! Great layering and white space!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not getting bored with your LOAD layouts!

    Carole xxx