Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week 25

This is what happens when you get a week behind on project life and rush to finish one before the next is due!
At first I liked it but now I'm not so sure, still it's finished.
So tomorrow brings July, this page brings my June tally to 39! Not bad seeing as I've only been pushed by myself and occasionally Carole :)
Will I beat it in July???? Who knows but I can give it a good go xxxx

Duck faces

When we met up with Carole on Wednesday we took a few pictures...... And when Carole forwarded them to me I got them printed straight away via photo box. They arrived yesterday so I made a page with one of my favourite!

I also got to use my new range of papers by Heidi swapp. Which I love!!!
I was inspired by a Pinterest pin which had a large arrow an the love heart but the overall page is completely different. Did you expect any less???? Lol

Anyways, hope you're all having a fab weekend. See you soon xxxx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

If I could

So yesterday I met up with Carole at our halfway point, the white row farm shop near beckington frome. Mum drove myself and Elsie for a nice relaxing day of food, tea and talk..... AND of course a bit of stash swapping!
I had a few tiny bits for Carole, that I had ordered for her or bought for her and she had a massive box of goodies for me that we had ordered in from America. Carole is so lucky to have family over in the USA as it means they can bring stuff over for her when they visit and she doesn't have to pay the mahoosive delivery charges.... So this time I had a few bits too!

Here's a page I made using some of my new stash:

Carole gave me the sketch and I put the papers and bits together. I decided this time to start with the area and chose a photo afterwards and as soon as I saw this photo I stopped looking.
The sketch was using three pictures so I chose just to break this one photo down into 3 parts, as she was in a plain white box I think it works.
I'm hoping to do more pages with my new stash before I break it all up and put it away with my regular stuff so maybe you'll see me again tomorrow.
For now tho ill leave you with a couple of photos from our meet yesterday:

Lmao I love this photo, Carole and her little chum, my Elsie pulling the duck face! So cool

And secondly:

A picture of the 4 of us wetting ourselves after Carole's flip flop malfunction! It was the kind of moment where you had to be there but one that I will always remember, especially after I scrap it next week :)

Goodnight all xxxxxx

Mood board challenge

Have you heard of the new online crafting mag that's just been released???
jot magazine
Have a read, it's free and full of inspiration, you'll especially love it if your into project life, this issue is packed with pl ideas!

Apart from that they are running mood board challenges... This is my entry into their fourth challenge.

mood board challenge 4

Take a look at what inspired me to create this page. I didn't use a sketch just went with what u felt and I'm pretty pleased.
I hope you like it xxxx

Monday, 24 June 2013

Mini retreat

So now that I've finished my 'work pages' I have been able to concentrate on my own layouts again.
This is one that I started yesterday and have finished this evening, it features ME!
Also my mum, Carole and Angela too. It was taken whilst we were in a pub for lunch whilst on our mini retreat weekend away.

It's a bit muted for me, pale feminine colours but I do like it. I love the ink splashes and love doing those now, so much easier using the wrong end of the spray bottles :)

Let me know what you think xxxx

Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's the weekend!

Good morning ladies!

So I've got a couple of pages to share with you today, but as one of them is a commission page I need to check with the photo owner if I'm allowed first.... Check back later :)

For now here's a page I started yesterday but have managed to finish off this morning, I don't know what the picture quality will be like tho as Elsie has stolen my phone to watch Mr Tumble for the 99th time so I am just lefT with the iPad to take photos and in my experience its not great, but here goes:

It's a photo of Elsie, tucking into her breakfast. And doing the trick that she learnt from her daddy, slurping the leftover milk straight from the bowl..... Disgusting if you ask me but then I don't have cereal or like milk :)
I've actually used this scrap lift before but I'm sure if I could find it, that it wouldn't look anything like this, maybe I should try.

Anyways, home news.... Mikes back from his week away at school camp and he loved it, can't wait for the photos from that! And Lola's staying. At our friend Keryns house for her very first sleepover! Got to pick her up soon but I'm in no doubt that she also has had a fab time.
Once I've done the boring jobs like housework and food shopping I can hopefully squeeze in some scrapping time this afternoon as I have one more commission page to finish then I'm back to me :)

See you soon xxxx

Thursday, 20 June 2013


So I'm back again!
I've just finished my second page of the day and I really enjoyed doing it.
I can't remember if I've told you about cricut craft room or not? If I haven't I should have done but don't worry I will now, but if I have, well telling you a second time just proves how much I love it!
If you have a cricut, any size, any model... And you have a computer that connects to the Internet you MUST try this.
Download cricut craft room by googling it online. You will need to set up an account with cricut if you don't already have one, but don't panic it's free.
You can then connect your cricut to your pc and do amazing things with it.
They give you free things to cut for a start, you can also make your cricut cut items where you want them too making multiple cuts much easier. You can weld letters together to create joined words an other beautiful thins. Please just have a go!
This is what u did today with the craft rooms help:

See the row of hearts joined together through the middle??? That was done on the cricut! Very cool right??? You can freely use the freebies that try give you and you can link any of your own cartridges also which makes the possibilities endless.

I added some sequins and splattered ink, some wood embellishments and a small title to make he focus on my gorgeous girl. I hope you like it xxx

A few not to be missed :)

So after bombarding my blog app developers with a few emails about how it's not working they've gone bak to the old ways so fingers crossed it works now!.

Here's a few pages that you may or may not have seen and one you definitely haven't.

This first one is my project life page for week 24! Can you believe we are almost half way through the year already? And I'm still taking a photo a day :) sometimes I surprise myself lol

This second page is one i did of dan and his birthday cake, whilst scrapping with Carole on Tuesday. I actually really like this one despite not being completely focused on task in hand.

This third one ive just finished.

It's those cool knight pictures again but this time
Michael is the victim :) but doesn't he look cute!!!
I used a Shimelle laine sketch to scrapbook prompt to complete this page. You can find the link here

Take a look xxxx

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hatty chappy

Omg!!!! I've been missing in action AGAIN!
Had a couple of days or is it a day? Off from crafting, had a lovely day yesterday with Keryn and Izzy and their Nanna and today has been a tiring one.
Lola left for London at 6 this morning *yawn* and is due back soon, but was up most of the night in excitement. So now we are all knackered and I'm sure she will be even more so when she gets home! Hopefully she's had a fab time tho.
So after I'd had an afternoon nap and when Elsie decided she was too ratty to stay awake, and when Carole text to see if I could play I got back to the page I started days ago.and here it is:

I think he looks so cute in the hat I bought him and was so chuffed when Amanda sent me this photo of him that I had to scrap it!!!
What do you think?
The original page came from and is in a post from 26th march entitled 24/7. LOVE it!
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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Time for more old pics from our Spanish holiday. This time just a few pics of them playing on the park which was in our hotel.

I'm very pleased with this one as I did it myself and that doesn't happen too often these days. I usually borrow others good ideas, but for this one I went it alone. Hope you like it xxx
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Week 23

I've managed to do... In between playing and singing with Elsie, mainly the Hokey Cokey.. Cleaning the animals and getting everyone off to school.... A layout!
Actually it's a page full of mini layouts as I did my project life and had to do the second side of the pocket page that I did last week.

I used to despise pockets, but they are growing on me. I don't love them and will always choose a 12x12 over these but they are getting easier.
Photos show what we did everyday last week, including enjoying the sun whilst it lasted, lazy days at home and playing with friends. it also shows the letter received about daniel being chosen for the gifted and talented group in english, a very proud mummy moment. And Michael in his brand new glasses. I think he looks great in them, but hopefully it won't be for too long xxx
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wedding day

So Carole and I managed to do another page together today, our Wednesday seemed to work out better than our normal crafty Tuesday!

This obviously came from my wedding section, and features myself and Paul on our special day. I've loved this photo for ages but never felt like doing it until now, and now i love it even more!

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Boy oh boy!

Ever taken inspiration from a really really old layout??? This is what Carole and I did today.

When I had copied the page it was very basic, 2 bottom layers and then the photo. So it was time to add a little something to it. This is why I came up with.
I'm wishing now that I hadn't stuck the diagonal of wooden pieces across it but they are there now, it's fine. I think it would look better without it tho.

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Heart strings

Despite a list of things to do as long as my arm, a banging headache an a naughty 2 year old I've managed to finish a layout this morning.

It's easy and simple but I quite like it. And when you aren't feeling you're best plain a simple is always a good option.
Let me know what you think xxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Better late than never???

Did you think I'd stopped blogging again?!?! Lol I wouldn't blame you I am a bit all over the place at the moment.
But I did manage to finish a page yesterday, sadly it wast a normal crafty Tuesday as both Carole and I had issues but I squeezed this in

It's the bubbly funk retreaters at our weekend away in may. I loved it and can't wait to go back next year.
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Monday, 10 June 2013

Feeding time

Not in the best of moods tonight and that probably comes across in my lack of effort into this page, sad but true!

Sketch 5 from inspired to scrap, just working on number 6 then that's done and I'm in the draw for the grand prize!! Wish me luck xxx

P.s this is a picture of mike in his brand new glasses, he's never worn glasses before but now needs them for his lazy left eye!
I think he looks good in them, very smart and intelligent!
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunglasses at the ready

So you all know Shimelle by now right??? Well she's doing a free class over at ukscrappers called break it down. And this is my first layout based on the first weeks class.
Be warned its a tad bright!!!

Pictures are of Lola being face painted as a lion at Bristol zoo.
I'm not sure if I love or hate the bold colours??? They were chosen on the Internet by a link that Shimelle gave us, I never would have put these together otherwise. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Your world

This is sketch 4 over at inspired to scrap.

I quite like it, I added scratched out lines in the photo itself. And white lines in place of what was meant to be ribbon or twine.
I like the title and loved jumbling them all up. I also adore the photo which helps a lot :)
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Oh what a knight!

Morning, no that wasn't a typo, although it wouldn't be uncommon for me.let me show you this mornings page an all will be revealed.

See now??? I'm not that crazy :)
Really old pics again an bak to dans photo box. I'm not very keen in this par because I jut couldn't get my head around the sketch but it is done, it's going away and I'm moving on. Fingers crossed for the next one xxx
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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Baby bridesmaid

I have now used the right Han sketch from sketch two at inspired to scrap. It needed a large photo and luckily I had 3 to choose from with me at crop. I went for this one of Lola and I on my wedding day.

I've had this picture for years and never know what todo with it but I think this is enough without being too much xxx
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The Shetland story

Part one of the second sketch domain inspired to scrap. I'm quite liking this one and how it's come together. I did the misting last of all but definitely think I needed it.

Pics are from our bank holiday weekend away and show Paul and the girls interacting with one of the Shetland ponies that live there.
Thanks for looking xxx
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One day

Happy lollicrop day!!!!!
So it's the second Saturday of the month and that means crop day, how exciting xxx
I've already done my first one of the day wanna see???

The pictures are of Michael when he was tiny and we were in Spain on our only holiday abroad. The journaling tells of how he fell asleep and I made sure he was fine, covered over etc and ended up falling asleep an getting burnt myself.
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Friday, 7 June 2013

Brilliant brainiacs

Loving this page!!!! It was another of Carole's lovely challenges :)

The original came from the paisley press blog and I actually liked it so much that I downloaded the digital lies so that I could use some of the elements that Carolee used on hers.
If you don't ever download digital scrapping stuff you should give it a go. You can print off as much as you like to use over an over again, brilliant :)
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The fat mum slim prompt for today is 'bright' the photo box that was next in line was of myself and/or Paul. So I came across these pictures of when we went on a date day and ended up in Weston super mare on the big eye thing. It was dead scary!!!!!

This makes me think of right because it was amazing weather and the sun really was bright :) I used a challenge from Carole which was to use a starburst of paper in a corner, ad actually she will be shocks that I pretty much copied the whole layout from what it was. I loved it, was definitely a perfect match for me so if you see more like those Carole id love to have them:)

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Good morning!

I have to wait in for a delivery today so what else to do whilst waiting but scrap??? :)

This is the right half of the pre class sketch that I started yesterday. This time I've used photos of Elsie loving the swings at the park. I'm hoping the next sketches have single photos :)

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beach baby

Finally I got to do a page today, I've been busy going to school meetings, seeing Ali who I don't see often these days and cooking and cleaning! A woman's work is never done right????
Anyways I've done a page based on the first sketch of the weekend warriors class over at inspired to scrap. Here it is:

I'm quite pleased with it, I was unsure half way through and as I stuck things down and then tried to move them and as usual it wouldn't budge so I had to just work with it!
The bits I love are the photo set up, even tho these photographs were not taken on the same day they portray the same feeling and were on the same weekend so I felt fine putting them together. I also love the title section, this is where I struggled and had to work through but I lie how it looks now. And I LOVE the splashin like a fool banner, as soon as I saw this on a paper I knew I had to use it :)
I'm not sure ill do another today but hopefully ill make up for it over the weekend, after all it's crop on Saturday!!!!!- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Boy vs the elements

A picture of Michael this evening, taken whilst out in the snow during January of this year. I was given a sketch by Carole which looked simple but as always thy turn out the hardest to do.

Do you remember my page lat week about something vs something? No? Don't blame you cause I don't even remember what it was called!. But anyways this was the outer rubbish from when I cut the vs on my cricut. I thought it looked good on the page so thought of a title to use it :) do you ever do that? Fall I love with one element, either embellishment or colour scheme or alphabet and have to make the whole page work around that one special thing??? I do it lots!!!
So much so that I accidentally stuck my 'vs' down around the wrong way,so because I hated it looking outward a so much I managed to pull up y photo and had to turn that upside down which in turn made the whole page topsy turvy to the original plan but it made me feel better. If only I used herma or another reposition able glue, I'd have been fine!!
Never mind I don't think it tuned out too badly despite the mishaps do you???
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So I've been up since 5am with a wide awake Elsie who just wanted to have a cup of tea and a biscuit!!! Wonderful.... But still it means I had a head start in the day and I've managed to finish my first page of the day.

The prompt for today is environment, and in my photo organisation in back to Daniels box again. didn't he look super cute as a chubby little baby?!?!?
He's joined by Badge nanny in these photos as we traipsed around Noah's ark in the cold, it the best time to go you know as the place is dead!!!! He must have only been a little over 1 as it explains the lack if pictures of Michael here as he'd have been a tiny baby at the time.
I was influenced by a layout in Amy Tans signature series book, I loved the simplicity of it and thought these photos would work perfectly, which they do!

On a more yucky note... i found little friends in lolas hair this morning, lots of tiny baby ones and lots of eggs! what a perfect way to start the day. so I'm trying to be a sensible parent by not sending her to school and I'm gonna spend the best part of the day treating us all for it just in case, but what's a guessing ill have a telling off from school for doing so!?!?! I'm just waiting for the gone to run to tell me so.
Lets see what happens, see you soon xxx
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Crazy cute

Another beautiful baby Carter page :) love that little man xxx

I used a Shimelle Laine starting point and built my page from there. i also used a couple of colour websites that shimelle suggested to pick colours for this page, they aren't colours that i would automatically h r gone for but i think they work.
Its not my favourite page f the day but i do like it xxxx
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Sweet heart

So we've completed 2 by lunchtime! How good is that? :)
And actually I'm loving this one, take a look:

It's very girly,feminine for me but I enjoyed doing it, it was sad that Carole and I don't live closer as she has things that I often need and vice versa it would be nice to be able to say oh I've got that and actually give her some instead of it making her sad :(
Today tho I think we've done similar pages, click on Carole's blog link at the side of my page and when she has uploaded it you will see. Very unusual for us but I think they were layouts that just needed following.this one was taken from a page by miss smith, search for her blog it's amazing!!!! She does a lot of journaling And makes some fabulous journaling cards, you won't be sorry xxxx - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Glitz and glam

Morning.... Firstly I've been told off , and laughed at for my appalling spelling and sentence writing from last night. So I apologise if you happened to see the before edited version as I was very tired an obviously not really with it :)
Anyways.... I've just finished my first page for this morning, and myself and Carole used sequins to create an extra layer on our page. The original was made by Stephanie Bryan and appears on the 2 peas website but you can find it on Pinterest :)

This is an unusual page for me for 2 reason, the diet being there are no people in my photo but actually my cream tea page yesterday didn't have people in it either! Secondly it has no title, I didn't feel like it needed one. Let me know what you think???- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, 3 June 2013

Late night prep

So tomorrow is crafty Carole Tuesday, and in preparation for that I've managed to squeeze in my project life page for week 22, tonight!!!!!!
It's now 10:35 pm and way past my normal bed time :) but I did what I'd set out to do, and I did it pocket style!!!!

Uugh I am soooooo not a pretty pocket person, i find them hard and small and so stressful to work with but I do like how they work with project life so now and then I slip one into my album just for a bit of a change.
Before I stuck the page together I went through all of the pre made echo park cards that I have and pulled a few that might work with my photos and how I wanted the page to look.then I decided where each would go and then with Carole's influence I began to decorate each card as if it were a single layout.
I'm not overly keen on how it turned out but I don't hate it either, and at least now when tomorrow comes Carole and I can scrap the same things like we like to at least until she has to leave me!!!!! :(
See you tomorrow xxxx Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

On my table

This was today's fat mum slim prompt! I was naughty and cheated tho oops...., I was supposed to choose a photo from my Spain holiday selection and there were suitable ones in there but as I moved the no I noticed this photo in my random pictures box!

I chose to use this as it works perfectly with prompt and i thought that if i only get one page done today that i like it to be of something that i really wanted to do.
I think Carole will really like this page even tho I didn't use a challenge for it. Instead I chose to use a pin that I added to my scrapping board and its originally by deb duty, one of my new scrapbook crushes :) hope you like it!!!!!
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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Last one for today I promise!!!
This time a very IMPORTANT MOMENT in my life, our lives.... Our wedding day and in particular. Walking down the aisle to say I do!

This definitely is a pin on my challenge board from Carole and she will definitely recognise it this time :)
I used the paper to its fullest using the fake stitching as journaling spots and using the reverse of the branding strip as an embellishment at the top.
When I first looked I thought it would be difficult but it's taken less than an hour! All good you should try it out xxx

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A real rainbow

A second page for today and for today's photo turned layout prompt. I used photos from my Instagram box and chose these 2 of Lola's first night at rainbows and her wearing her uniform for the first time.

I was inspired by a challenge that Carole posted on our board on Pinterest. I say inspired y because as usual I took it in a completely different direction than what was meant but hey ho! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

A moment

So here it is....

I used a Shimelle 4x6 photo love prompt alongside the fat mum slim prompt of moments and a set of pictures from my family box.
I've looked at these photos many times and never had the bottle to use them all together. With today's prompt I had a few to choose from but was drawn to these.
I used Pinterest to search for layouts with 7 photos and shimelles blog came up. Instead of trawling through Pinterest then I went straight to shimelle and found this page that I loved. i think the set up works well with my pictures and it means I've done that topic and used all the pictures up at once!
thanks for looking gonna try and do more now :) xxxx Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Had to be done

Good evening!!
So I wasn't intending on doing another page, until I decided how to further challenge myself this month now that LOAD has ended.
As well as Carole's Pinterest page challenges, and now my photo box challenge (it's sorted out and I only use one section at a time in order.) I have chosen to add more to my list of criteria it must meet..... You know how I sometimes use fat mum slims photo for the month list as a prompt for my everyday photos???? Well I'm gonna use those picture prompts as page prompts instead!!!! Lets see where that takes me.

Today it took me to BUDE and my emotions ran wild. This place is so special to us as a couple I had to get it onto paper.
The photo box that I used or this included pics of myself and/or Paul without children, just us, how scary!!!! Lol I'm looking forward to tomorrow tho when I get to use the 'family photo box' which includes photos of more than one of us or the children together.. And the prompt is 'a moment' This could go in so many directions, I haven't looked at my pictures yet so have no clue what I will do but I hope it's good xxxxxx
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Summer has arrived!

Officially or according to my mum, today was the pest day of summer an or once Mother Nature got the weather right for the occasion!!! So we've spent the day as a family in the garden, at my Grandads eating barbecue food and watching the kids in the new paddling pool!!! It was great :)
I've just or home, Elsie's in bed and Lola's chilling on the sofa so I've had the last ten minutes I needed to finish my page from yesterday, this has taken forever I can tell you!

I've done this twice and taken it apart again as there was something not quite right with it but now I think I'm happy. This was for the last prompt in LOAD which was billboards room. You might wonder how I got this from that particular prompt so ill explain my process.
A billboards room is where you play snooker or pool..... Pool can also be known for swimming and pool parties...... When I saw this photo I was going to title my page party princess..... But indecisive as I am, I changed My mind about the title at the last minute :)
See you can use prompts in any way you like really you just have to know how to play the game :)

Now that it's June tho I'm sad, no more load :( I think going to be pestering Carole a whole lot more.... Hope you're ready xxxxxx

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