Wednesday, 22 February 2012

wednesday = craft day :)

So after dropping Lola off at school, doing the food shop and then making lasagne I got down to do some crafting.
I was joined today by Carole and Daphne for our own little online crop. all in separate locations, working on different projects but chatting along as we did it. 

here is what I did today:

Scrap lifted the design from here, as i was completely clueless as to what to do with this photo.
the theme of the day was Holidays, which being American actually meant christmas, valentines, easter etc etc etc ...

I had this picture of Elsie from just before christmas, I went to Phil and mandys to drop off the girls presents and Phil took a photo of Elsie and started messing with it on his iPhone. he later showed me this and I asked him to mail it to me. love how cute she looks as santa

I quite like that I managed to sneak in a few layers of embellishment which is unlike me, but I am sad because on the back of this patterned paper, which i think matches well.... is a golden chevron paper which i was also really looking forward to using, may have to purchase another sheet :(


  1. Love this cheerful, fun, happy layout Emma!!! Love the pretty Christmassy papers and especially the faded green paper, even more now I know that it saved you using yellow paper! Cute pic of your baby too!

    Thank you for our online crop today, I enjoyed chatting with you although not the ganging up on me bit!!!

    Carole xxx

  2. This really is a fun layout! Love the different papers, letters - this all works together perfectly!
    It really was fun today and as I know the name of that plant I was scrapping about I can finish my page and will blog it tomorrow! xxx

  3. Do you ever double-side scrap? Perhaps easier on double sided card. Lovely pic though. Is it Elsie's birthday this weekend? Have a brilliant day. EG