Wednesday, 31 July 2013

To make myself feel better!

Today I had plans, I was helping a friend for the day but sadly I had to cancel. The girls have hacking coughs and streaming noses ( I blame the weather) and after suffering from a migraine last night I woke up not feeling to clever either so I decided to cancel our day and spend it chilling at home instead.
Despite the choice I now have a headache again but at least the girls are happy, snuggle together on the sofa watching a barbie movie whilst allowing me time to do the housework and play a little :) which of course is why I'm here.

I haven't scrapped all week and as I'm feeling a little low at the moment I thought this might cheer me up, and it has a little.
I used a brand new page from Jen jockisch. She made it using the new studio calico kit, which I don't have yet so I made my own version with project life cards and other scraps.

This is a very very old photo as my son in this pic is now 12. I chose what to scrap today by using fat mum slims photo of the day prompt which was workspace. So I looks through dans set of photos with work in mind. I found lots of baby pics and I kept getting this saying over and over in my head so went with it.
As usual it's completely different to jens amazing page but I'm happy :) thanks for looking xxxx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Finally finished!!!

Today was a weird one, no our usual craft day but as we didn't manage to meet up yesterday, Carole and I agreed to squeeze a few hours in today!!! Which wasn't the best idea as neither of us were really feeling it.

We decided to do an 'easy' looking page with which we both struggled.... Nightmare!
Carole finished first tho and I have only just finished mine after walking away and leaving it for a few hours. The starting was easy, straight forward and came together well and quickly, but after that I couldn't work out what to use to finish it off.
Let me know what you think:

It features a photo of Lola and Elsie back in may whilst we were in Bude. I am happy with how it turned out but it was hard work.

In other news... The royal baby was born yesterday and has been named today... Little king George! So cute!!!!

And also today was the last school day for all of my kids so for the next 6 weeks I'm not likely to do much at all!!! Or you might find that I'm doing tonnes in my efforts to find some me time amongst the craziness that is the summer holidays!!!!

See you soon xxxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

Week 28

It's been a while I know but weathers too nice to spend too long indoors.
But today with a bad back I've st quietly and caught up on my project life.

Here's week 28

I've used my new pockets from studio calico and I think I've final found a size that I like!!!! What do you think???

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Better late than never!

Crafty Tuesday as always came with a few hiccups but desire that I managed 3 pages! Wanna see?

I love this first one Carole and I did from a Pinterest page. Mine is almost identical for a change in products, design an colour! The original can be found in the studio calico gallery. The only thing I would probably change looking at it now would be the splatters, as I wasn't in the mood to splat I stamped the splats but it looks too fake. Never mind tho !

This second page was based on another Pinterest page an I also like this one. It features Lola after having her ears pierced. The journaling explains how she was very brave but I was not!

Last but not least:

Who doesn't love a baby girl with pants on her head???? This was a sketch from Pinterest that I played about with to make my own. I do wish that I wasn't so defiant of the rules sometimes tho as Carole's looked amazing, perfect in fact and mine is not so good, this is my least favourite and I even considered taking it apart but was convinced to leave it be :( I'm not gonna let it hold me back tho, onwards and upwards as they say :) xxxxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

It's a biggie!!!!

Afternoon scrap lovers!!

It's been a bit warm for staying indoors scrapping hasn't it??? Well mostly I'd agree but I as well as my other crafty friends still need some time to ourselves so here is a long list of what i made during crafty Carole Tuesday and at crop on Saturday!


This is my entry for week 26 of my project life. I loved this so much that I did this as crop class:

It was cheap and cheerful, and very quick to do. Just squares of scraps, a bit of stamping and a filler of title and journaling! That's it all done :) try it xxx

To follow I did this one which is for week 27 of project life, yea I was playing catch up lol. I loved the angled black and beige from the patterned paper but didn't want to use the whole sheet so trimmed it down and mounted on a separate card stock and used the flip side of the angles to border the photo strips. Easy peasy.

This next one I did for the jot magazine mood board challenge for week 5. You know the one I WON last week :)
The colours for this week were yellow and pink with a splash of white!  
see mood board 5 here
heres my entry:

Let me know what you think xxxx

This one I finished yesterday, it features the eldest 3 of my children in a photo that I love.
I copied this one roughly from a Pinterest pin, I used very muted colours for me, but I do like it.

And last but not's entry:

I've finished this today but started it yesterday when Shimelle started posting her Sunday sketches! I love them and will work through them all but this is the first.
see shimelle here
Pics are the last I have of Daniel, my eldest, on his twelfth birthday.
I also got to use some of my new project life kit items from studio calico, I think I'm in love :)
That may be enough for now, but oh wait... It's crafty Tuesday again tomorrow. See you then xxx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Melting Monday

Loving the sunshine but wow it's sooooooooo HOT!
As I spent all weekend out in it I thought today was a good day to enjoy the weather from indoors, with a fan!
I also sneaked in a bit of scrapping, which with this glorious weather we've had lately, has taken a bit of a back seat.
I managed to finish a page that I started with Carole last Tuesday!!! Can you believe it, almost a week without scrapping??? Crazy, but here it is :

Picture is of Lola and Elsie last July in their push car. I love thee expressions and how determined Elsie was to squeeze herself in next to Lola. I also LOVE the new pier papers by mme. So yummy!

I also did this one:

Looking at it here now, it can probably do with a bit of splashing so I might try that in a mo.
Obviously this is baby carter in his little dude onesie looking as cute as ever! Gosh I love that little man

And news of the day..... I won a competition!!!!!
You remember last week I entered a mood board competition at jot magazine? Well I won! It's a complete shock to me but a nice one. I enter these things for something to motivate me, I never expect to win so I never check up, I only know because the lady who runs it added me and messaged me on fb to tell me so :)
Maybe it's my lucky week????

Ok so tomorrow is Tuesday and we all know what that means.... Craft Carole here I come! Cxxxxxx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Crafty Carole Tuesday!

Yay we are back on track and cooking on gas!!! Carole and I have been scrapping since 9:30 and we've done 2 pages already, wanna see?

Our first had to be the flip flop photo as we both have it and are both in it, please visit Carole's blog soon to see her version.
We lined ourselves 4 layouts last night to work through today and I don't think we are doing too badly.

This is the second:

A photo of dan tanning himself in the garden when I tried to sneakily take a picture, obviously not sneaky enough!!!! :)

Right back to it, see you soon xxxx