Sunday, 19 February 2012

good morning!!!

its Sunday did that happen?!??!?!?!

Today is busier than normal tho as we are off to the zoo for Lolas friends birthday party, I had naughtily forgotten to get a card for her so i made her one.... do you wanna see???

its not amazing, I'm not the best card maker, but I think its quite cute. I got the idea from pinterest again, (love that place).... see here.... its not identical but its ok.

the next thing to show you is my layout from yesterday, the prompt was its your birthday, so I chose to scrap a couple of photos from Dans birthed last year, as I had already used the pic of Michael this year.

I used another Pinterest page as inspiration, find that here

I liked the way the title banner split up the page but didn't take over, again its not exactly the same but you can ring the changes. its not my best page ever, but neither is it my worst so in the album it goes.

I was lucky yesterday that I got this page finished when I did as my eye flared up again like the other week and I couldn't see much out of it, I had an emergency appointment at the doctors last night who gave me much more tablets to what I was already on and because of the high dosage that she gave me, when we got to the pharmacy we had to wait almost an hour to get the prescription because he thought it was written wrong, he had to phone the out of hours docs, who then had to phone about themselves and then we had to wait for them to get back to him.
Its been agreed  that I can take the high dosage but must be careful of the affects, I have 2 strong antihistamines, one of which you are only supposed to take 1 a day of, but I am on 3... as well as another in between which again you are supposed to take once and I am on 2.... I hope it works, as this morning i am still puffy... no where near as bad but still swollen. 

I was also told the Urticaria (which is what its called) can last a very long time, originally it had been said up to a year, but the doc yesterday said she knows some people who have had it for 10 years!!! I really hope not, it drives me insane!!!!

anyways, no time to sit here boring you to death about my ailments, I've gotta do todays page, as well as get the girls dressed for the zoo, myself too lol

have a good Sunday.


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  1. Cute birthday card, I'm sure that Abby will have loved it - hope the party went well too!

    Great layout, looks like Daniel's party was a hoot!!!

    Carole xxx