Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 7

so been a bit busy today, got my page finished this morning, and then went out to Cadbury garden centre, for a wander and a bit of lunch.... then home where I tried doing some of my photography course, but failed miserably!!! then back to school to collect kiddos, then home to cook dinner..... thats why I'm late posting today :)

heres my first page:

the prompt for today was " I always thought"
my first thoughts were of Nan, and how I thought ... even at 29 that she would live forever.... that is what I was gonna title this page until I found this picture and it made me laugh and remember what a good night we had for my hen do.... so I wanted to celebrate the good times, I found this page on Pinterest which I immediately fell in love with.... I considered finding a different photo, or changing this one to sepia, but then I decided it didn't need to be a sad page, it could be a happy one. so I kept it in full colour and used bright colours to go with it... it was who she was, fun, amazing, my best friend.... a good laugh and up for anything :)

I miss her like crazy, she was everything to me, still is, so I am glad to have memories like these that I can hold in my heart forever. 

This second page is one i have been working on for a few days, which is never good for me. I tend to like to do them and put them away else I keep adding stuff, or taking stuff away when it doesn't really need it.  but heres how it turned out:

Carole what do you think???

I didn't do my usual trick of matching colours to the photo, in fact I probably did the most opposite that I could, i think thats maybe why it took me so long, my head says it looks right but my mind and how it works says it shouldn't!?!??!!?

thanks for dropping in today xxxxxx


  1. Colour definately was the right way to go! I love both your pages xxx

  2. What do I think?!?! I absolutely love it! Love that you used a bit of cardboard as your background, and I think that all the colours work too, even that infamous orange brad ;)

    As for the other layout of your Nan ... I love that one too! Love the colours, love the photo, love the banners, love the lettering (how did you do that?) Although your layout is celebrating your Nan's love of life, I found it incredibly moving and poignant.

    Speak soon!

    Hugs, Carole xxx