Friday, 17 February 2012

catching up...

So yesterday i felt really rough, so bad that I was in bed by 7pm last night and slept right through until 7 this waking up with elsie for milk at 5 lol.

so today I'm feeling a bit better, my headache/migraine appears to be going which is good, I still have a very sore, stiff shoulder but I'm getting on with it, us women have no choice :)

Im also back on the diet today, I can't ever seem to eat well when I feel rubbish so ate a whole load of bad stuff last week, I put on a pound which is bad but not the end of the world, so today...this week I pull it back and more!

I made myself and my grandad some tomato and chilli soup for lunch, it was delicious and free on weight watchers!!! yum yum! and for dinner we are having barbecue chicken(which is cooking in the slow cooker as we speak!) with maybe some potato wedges and veg, it smells gorgeous so can't wait for that.

anyways now onto the important stuff:

so this is yesterdays page, the prompt was' people in my neighbourhood'
I really HATE scrapping old pictures, of myself or anybody really. they always have loads of background stuff, that you don't really wanna see, and I just can never get my head around them, but here it is..its not so great cause my head was really bad yesterday but I didn't wanna get behind on LOAd so I just did a quick and easy one.

the pic is of myself (in purple and the only girl, altho i might not look it) and my cousins with our friends... journalling explains how i was always a tomboy and lists the things i got up to as a kid. 

This is todays page, another semi lift from a pin here.

I loved the colour agains the plain background, I was a little scared as the paint dripped where it wanted, and some got a little mixed in with others but now its done I really like it.

I also love the new 'natural' thickers, they came in my studio calico kit and i did think about painting them rainbow colours to match the drops but I actually really like them plain. 

what do you think????

right, must be off, 

catch you later 


  1. LOVE both of them! But, you knew I would...LOL :)

  2. O M G!!! That paint splat layout is to die for! Amazing! I love how brave you are - and it pays off! So striking. Just brilliant!

    Carole xxx