Saturday, 14 May 2011

cocoa daisy cyber crop weekend...


with hubby and bezzie away I had to do some sort of crafting right??? keep myself busy :)

so whilst blog hopping this morning I found out that Cocoa daisy had a cyber crop going on this weekend so I quickly registered for the site so that I could play along. here is my first page from the first challenge. the challenge was a sketch one, with an added extra of making a layout about something that was hard for you. well coping with Elsies arm when she was first born was definitely a challenge so chose to make a page about that.

I hope she will read it when she grows up as it has some words of wisdom for her hidden in the journalling xxx

the scan isnt great sorry.... but you kind of get the gist of it :)


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shimelle challenge 2!!!!

The triangle theory!!! 
where three embellishments are used as points around the photograph to make the eye travel around the page freely. 
I have heard of this before and used it a few times but its not a rule that I follow consciously or for every page that I make. maybe I should?!?!?!

the page is titled... garden girl and pic is of Lola in my grandads garden making a cheeky face next to the tulips that she grew :)

my triangle points are my title..... big and bold and by Sassafrass!! love them lots x
the flower, with the slightly off centre brad :) done on purpose obviously....
and the hidden journalling tag.... I was going to write straight onto the page but it would have made more of a block down one side rather than form a triangle. 

the journalling reads:

the scoop.....
you were given free bulbs from Cadbury. we did not know what they were but you wanted to plant them with Grandad anyway.
a few months later these beautiful big tulips appeared!

thanks for looking... hopefully be back with more later xxx

Happy national scrapbooking day!

OK so it was yesterday but what's a day between friends?? :)

I had a busy day yesterday and was visiting my nan in the hospital again last night so didn't get chance to even look at my scrapping, so today I hope to make up for it.

I have decided to play along with Shimelle Laines NSD blog, as I love her style of work and she is a fab inspiration too. So my posts today will be showing you what I come up with using the prompts and challenges from Shimelle.

The first of the day is called baby bath, and is a pic of my baby girl Elsie in the bath, being washed by her daddy with the help of her big sister Lola.

 the challenge was to use patterned paper as the base of the page. no cardstock!!!! 
not too much of a problem for me as I love these papers by Tim Holtz. very easy to use. 

also used a basic grey doilly paper from the eskimo kisses range and surprised myself by painting some glim glam on the edges of the blue mat, after I messed up the edges with my notebook punch!

thanks for looking

be back with more a bit later xxx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Live from my ipad2!!!!!

So I decided not to listen to the hubby sand to trust my instincts and my friends instead, and went an hunted down an ipad2. It's taken me a week to track one down and get it but I am very happy that I did. Love it a lot, can access all my things where ever I fancy and by linking it up to the net via my phone is even cheaper :)

Just thought I'd try a post out to see how I got on. Been taking a couple of pics with it today and playing with some photo editing apps so will upload those now.

Hope you've all had a good day and don't forget to scrap a little tomorrow as it's national scrapbooking day!!! Have fun xxx

Ok so I can't figure out how to upload those..... Will work it out and get back to you xxx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pretty Polly!


This week has not been a great one in my personal nan, my rock was taken into hospital on Sunday after many months of being poorly and the news was given to us yesterday that she has very bad cancer. it is everywhere and spreading fast.... I am taking each day as it comes, some times I am happy thinking of our memories of times shared together, other times I am very sad to think that I will be losing a very very very special lady in my life. 

I was very grateful to have this challenge come along this week, as it has given me a chance to escape from thinking about the bad stuff and concentrate on creating something for all of us to remember.
I am also thankful that I am a scrap booker, because now my children who may be too young to remember their great grandmother in years to come, will be able to look back and see the amazing times they spent with her.
anyways the link to the challenge itself is here:

and here is my entry

Pretty Polly
I thought of this paper as soon as I saw the challenge. its a new range to my shop and is called Me Likey by Sassafrass. I just had to use it.... then I remembered that I had these pics of our recent trip to Bristol zoo, Lola feeding the brightly coloured Lorikeets. they work perfectly.

So Keilly and other lovely talented ladies at The Ribbon Reel challenge blog... thanks for this weeks challenge. it has helped me more than you will know


Monday, 2 May 2011

wedding fever!

so.... the big royal wedding was Friday.... I'm not normally a royalist at all... I dont really have an opinion on them at all to be honest but it was hard not to get caught up in all the wedding hype.
I did watch it all the way through. loved the dress, they both looked fab, the guests were weird and wonderful... Posh could have smiled at least but hey ho she wouldn't wanna wreck her image now would she!!! I am definitely no fashion goddess by any means but OMG... Beatrice could have looked a lot less moose like for the occasion!!! what was she thinking?!?!?!?! surely her sister could have had a whisper in her ear and said, you know what maybe you should leave off the moose hat??? save her all the embarrassment afterward????

anyways.... this put me in the mood for some wedding scrapping, haven't done any wedding pics ion a while and I have a million still to get through so what better time to slip a page in about our very own special day?not so grand or that for the prince and his new princess but perfect none the less. we did get married in a castle afterall :)

so I did a page..... based on the Kirsty Wiseman Wednesday night challenge sketch which I follow on facebook. see the link below for info.

and hers the page I came up with:

Smaller Details.
I based my page on Kirsty's sketch, and it all came together by accident if im honest. 
Pics came together first, and I chose them by looking through my pics box to actually seek out some that had small enough things on them that I could cut out with my 2" square punch lol. I usually only print my photos in 4x6 size and I was being lazy and couldn't be bothered to print new ones off in a smaller size so found things that I could use as they were.

The pics of my 'things' were perfect for this as I was able to show off the details that went into making our day special but without doing a massive page on each. altho it would be very possible to im sure. 
the colours were obvious, our wedding theme was lilac (pauls favourite colour) and cream the base paper screamed at me as I came across it in my box so had to make it work for me.
then I had originally chosen a full sheet of purple from my 12x12 selection, but then as it was only going to be a small part of the page I checked my scraps bag and in my purple part were these perfect finds. the circle had already been cut, obviously left over from another project so I didn't even have to work for it. I just roughed it up a bit and the same went for the strip.
the only bit of effort really that went into this page was the hand cutting around the flocked flowers at the bottom, but I love doing that so it wasn't such a hardship.

and well worht it for the final result which I am loving a lot!!!

thanks Kirsty for your inspiration.