Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Hi ladies....

Just wanted to let you know that I decided to start a new blog... currently I'm posting new layouts everyday and trying to boost my blog audience.

I changed addresses and blog style as this one was becoming more about my life than my work and I didn't want to keep doing that.

take a look here and see what you think, please follow me there if you like what you see :)

Hope to see you there xxxxx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I must apologise for being MIA again. Sometimes it's hard enough to find time to scrap and create without the extra pressure of having to blog too but today I have a few minutes so thought I'd let you know what I've been up to lately.
Christmas was HUGE in this house I had no time for anything other than festive related things, but I survived. Then February brought the opposite as it was LOAD (layout a day) month again.
I completed 53 layouts in 28 days which I was very proud of. You are probably wondering how I managed to fit it all in, I'll tell you, it's called routine :) I'm much more a morning person than evening so I know I'm better to get everything done as soon as I get up in the morning. This includes housework, sorting the kids, washing etc and preparing our dinner for that evening, slow cookers are fabulous things :)
Then once the kids are at school I get my pages done so that when they come home I'm free.
It all works very well, everything gets done and all are happy :)

Then when you get to have a weekend away with a few crafty girls thats just a heavenly bonus!
I completed 17 pages this weekend and the one I'm going to show you I just finished this morning. It seemed to take forever but I'm happy with it.
Let me know what you think xxx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sharing is caring :)

Good almost afternoon!!

Ive been a bit quiet on the blog lately, very much due to the fact that there are an awful lot of things going on at the moment and i haven't had very much time to scrapbook, let alone blog about it. 

I  wanted to share with you my newest blog tho, where I share with you my Stampin Up journey. 
It began a couple of weeks ago when i decided to become an SU consultant and now Im able to share ideas, order you products and help you fall in love with and get great deals from Stampin Up. 

Ive just blogged a step by step scrapbook page using mainly SU goodies so I thought I'd share it with you here so that you can see that I have been a bust bee lately. 

So now that i've shared all of this with you I was wondering if you lovely people could do some sharing of your own and help me to share these things with more fellow crafters, people who love what we do!!
Share my links or just pass the word onto your crafting circles that they can get SU products from me, I'd be very grateful and it would make me happy to know that i'n not just making and sharing projects with myself but that people actually are learning from what I do. 
So use the link, hop onto my new blog page, add yourselves as followers and share a post, I'd love you forever!!!! :)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

beware, its a BIG one!!!

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are having a lovely tuesday!
I have, despite a poorly tummy and an on and off voice I've had a lovely crafty tuesday with my lovely friend Carole. 

firstly tho I need to show you my LOAD pages from yesterday as I didn't have time to blog last night, wanna see???

So this is the first one, the prompt for yesterday was stitching, the idea being that we did a page about sewing or actually to sew on a page. I however did neither, in fact I was drawn to this particular picture because of the stitching on the bottom of the leggings in the photo and that was my jumping off point. 
the actual page itself talks about how we went away for our first anniversary and actually got to put our feet up for 5 minutes without any children coming in and interrupting the silence :)

This second page was a project life catch up, another pocket page to document our week 34 from this year. I used my new becky Higgins project life cards to slide straight into the pockets and just added photos and journalling on top to make this a quicker and less thoughtful entry. 

This is the next project life page the I also completed yesterday... and came around because I found a video on the two peas in a bucket website that I fell in love with. as it happens it doesn't look much like theirs did but I still like it.
give it a watch if you're interested:

Now on to todays selection of loveliness..... this was the first page that Carole and I worked on at the same time this morning. and it comes from this original post over at pinterest.
This is one of my favourite photos EVER... not only do I love black and white photographs but I love how the girls have naturally got themselves into this stunning pose.... so beautiful.
so it needed a stunning but clean page to make it shine at its best. hopefully this minimal design does just that, showing that its not always about quantity but quality xxx

This lemur page was another from our pinterest stash!!!
it came from this original post: here
and actully for once it looks pretty identical!!! unheard of for me but with a huge amount of hearts across the page theres not an awful lot of room for change, its not a page that i would have naturally done on my own but sometimes thats a good thing, i like it about you???

and onto my last for today for now..... featuring my hubby Paul and my nephew baby Carter.... and yes I probably will call him baby Carter until he's 16 :)
this is yet another pinterest find and the original is here
again another one of my favourite pictures as it shows the love and happiness in both of their faces. its such a simple design but speaks volumes.

id love to hear your feedback on any or all o these pages... let me know what you think xxxxx

Sunday, 6 October 2013


So today I feel a little bit more rubbish than i already was, still life goes on there was food shopping to get and a LOAD page to be done.
and so here it is:

today i just followed a Shimelle video from youtube. and just doing this was hard enough work :)
I used todays prompt from LOAD which was something you couldn't live without, out of all of my children i know that elsie wouldn't wanna live without me and i love that.
I accidentally printed 2 of the same photo, i guess i loved it that much.... so instead of one going to waste i decided to put both on the one page and im happy and comfortable with that.
let me know what you think xxxxx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

feels like a sunday

Good morning!

I feel a little under the weather today, still have no voice and i have a high temperature so im not going far today. This gives me a good opportunity to chill out whilst doing a bit of scrapping, dont you agree???
so heres the first page i managed at about 8am this morning, it shows Mike in a towel wrap lol, he once asked me how i did it, so i showed him, on his own head and when opportunity knocks you take it right?? so i grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of him :)
the page is all about weird and wonderful pictures of my kids as they grow up, must say more the boys at this particular moment in time, and how anything goes when it comes to scrapping!!!

I used a pinterest page as inspiration see here
I just had to include the little aeroplane even tho its a bit random for my subject but i fell in love with it.
The next page was just a catch up pocket page for my project life. 
this selection of photos was taken over my birthday week, the second week in august.... so im about 6 or 7 weeks behind, but hopefully ill be able to catch up during the month of LOAD :)

I think its time for a lunch break now and possibly a ittle lie down, but i hope to be back later with some more pages for you to critic :)
see you soon xxxxxx

Friday, 4 October 2013

never say die

Just a quick post today as its almost dinner time so need to get something done around here. 
Ive almost lost my voice so today typing is much easier than talking but i wont do to much of either lol
This is todays LOAD page, it shows Daniel at age 3 when he fractured his wrist... i think it shows his never say die attitude and how he gets on with stuff (more often with moaning since he's gotten older) 
but things never stop him from doing or getting what he wants.
The page is loosely based on a sketch from creative scrappers see here
Im hoping to get another page done tonight but we will see what happens, maybe i should just get an early night and hope my voice is back to normal tomorrow!!!!! fingers crossed xxxxx