Friday, 31 May 2013

Early morning catchup!

Good morning!
I was up at 5:30 with Elsie this morning so whilst she drank juice and chilled out on the sofa I made a large mug of tea and got to work.

Again I'm not overly keen on this one, I definitely think my mood affects my scrapping :( and as I've been a but down lately my pages are suffering, bit I will continue in through because at least my stories are getting told :)

These pictures are from 2009 when Lola was just a one year old baby!!! Still she was as determined and stubborn as ever and ran away through the fields on her own.
Thanks for sticking with me through a rough patch hopefully ill be back to normal soon xxxx
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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Week 21

I'm really happy with how this page has turned out.

With all the sunny Bude photos I knew I wanted to use the flip flop paper, finding it however took forever!!!
I used a sketch by Sharyn Carlson to create my page. I added beach / holiday themed journaling cards to cut the circles to create my embellishments and added black shadow to pop them out. This was a great week, loved it so muchxxxx

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In the pipeline

So today's layout for LOAD Is done. I used a Pinterest page by core jones @ as it was a challenge by my lovely friend Carole and one that I quite enjoyed doing I must add!

It shows Michael at almost 3 dressed up in a doctors outfit and the journalistic g explains how I think he will be in a profession that uses his brain. He likes to be pushed, he's always learning more and wanting to know more and I think this will help him later on. He's keen to work and is above average on his grades so I'm a very proud mum!

Elsie is sick today so not at childminders so we are having a pj day and hopefully this means I can squeeze at least one more page in today, hoping so anyways as my project life won't do itself!
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Professor plum

This was today's prompt, and pushing it But on time I've completed it.

I'm actually loving my new way of working through my pictures, and today's box was of Dan!!! this photo was taken a few years back but i still love it. this layout relates to the prompt because i was thinking about professors and that led me to think of teaching and then i ended ip thinking about how Dan is a BIG thinker! he always asks questions, always wants to know who, what , where and when. over thinks things most of the time and worries about stuff that he needn't worry about. But that's just who he is. To start this of I asked Daniel to choose a aperture that he liked from my box of 12x12s so that I ha a little more of him on my page. I was gonna do a page all about that but decided to do a page about who he is as a person now and chose a few descriptive words that sprang to mind when i thought of him.
It's not my best page ever but it's also not my worst! I got new photos through the post today o our weekend away so I've stored them in my no and I'm looking Forward to using those this coming week or 2! :) xxx

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Crazy in love

My last layout for this evening... And starring little man, Baby Carter!!!

This one was based on the prompt psycho... I interpreted that into crazy and as I was on Carters photo file I chose I do crazy in love. I love how bright ad happy his page is, and I'm hoping I've managed busy without overpowering the photo???
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Man vs food

Another for today

Not a great one, I suffered with a headache in my eye most of the way through this so I excuse myself for it being a bit pants!!!
But it's done ad I can move on. Thanks for looking xxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


This was today's prompt. I've decided to do today's so I appear to be up to date and do the the others working backwards until I've caught up. Works for me!

The picture is of a lot younger Michael in the pool whilst we were on holiday in Spain.
I copied a page don't by Carol Monson which my Carole found on Pinterest! What would we do without it????!!!!

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Honeys I'm home!!!

Hello lovely ladies :) and possible gents!?!?!? X

So we've had a fab bank holiday weekend, spent it in Bude with Paul's aunt and uncle. I love ten so much, they are friendly and kind and always so welcoming.

So I got kind of sunburnt in the lovely weather and I'm knackered due to the girls having to sleep in with us but we had such an amazing time, certainly beats sitting around at home doing nothing :)

So now I'm home I had to get back to work and play catch up with the prompts that I've missed.

This was Fridays and the prompt was hall. I chose dance hall and dug these out of my wedding box as I thought they would be perfect.

I'm not overly keen on it, I think it's missing stuff but I can't spend any more time on it as its driving me nuts xxxxx

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Second on prompt

So in my next photo box of tricks I was onto square pics. And I found this one of Lola on he first rainbows outing to the farm.

I use the 'stick' part from candlestick prompt in this title and just kind o threw things that I liked onto my page.
I started off tho by paint dabbing through a New mask that I bought to how the chevrons, I then used a new pocket (which doesn't have anything in) and some new string. The rest I just built up more and more .

Right it's past my bed time! See you tomorrow xxxxx

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Jack be quick!!!

Today's prompt was candle stick!!!! I couldn't get the nursery rhyme out of my head after hearing the prompt, you know the one.... jack be nimble ,jack be quick, jack jumped over the candlestick.
So I looked or a photo to suit and chose to manipulate this into the title of my page.

It's a quick one today tho done from a sketch by heather Landry on

Thanks for looking xxxx

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Miss Scarlett

The title of my page was the title of today's prompt, also a character from cluedo!
When I heard the prompt I had no clue what I would scrap, as it happens with the way I've sorted my photos I had to choose from the box that includes pics of myself and my husband. How weird that this should happen and I find these photos of when I dyed my hair back in January!!!
I didn't look any further once I found these :)

This page has literally been throne together in the last hour if you know me you'll know that I'm NEVER a night owl I like to go to bed earlier than a woman my age should and I usually like to get up and a stupid hour of the morning :) so to have just finished and be blogging this page at 10pm is unheard of. i had no choice today due o it being a busy one but i couldn't let my good record slip.
Although saying that I've just booked a bank holiday holiday so i wont be scrapping for 2 whole days as I'm hoping to do one on the day i go and the day i get back :) hope that doesn't I against me????
Anyways I'm
In bed now so will wish you all a good night and sweet dreams xxxxxx

P.s aunts chris I hope you've manage to work out how to scroll down the blog now xxxxxx

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Soft play shenanigans

My fourth and final page of the day.... Pics of Elsie on her second birthday at jump. I'm not so keen on this page, but its done now so I'm not gonna worry about it.

I think Maybe the purple puts me off as its not a colour I use often and I couldn't get the layers right on this one. But like I said time to move on :)
See you tomorrow xxxxx
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What a place!

Finally my prompt page is done:

Just a quick one using old photos of Lola and daddy on our favourite place, the beach at Bude.
Gotta run, need to get the girls, be back soon tho with another finished page xxxx
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So I sorted all of my photos our on Sunday, I now have an almost full box of old and new pics. I arranged them so that all of the children have their own separate section, there is one for all of us or more than one of them. Then there is one for just me and Paul. A couple of holiday boxes and a wedding box and then just random pics. Pretty much organised the same way my scrapping albums are.
Now that I've done this I'm going to try and scrap fairly, and by this I mean I'm going to work through each box picking one from dans, then mikes, etc etc so that it doesn't feel like I'm always scrapping the girls, even tho they like me to take pictures and the boys don't.
So in the upcoming months you may see more older pictures being done, hence Daniels page yesterday.
So now it's mikes turn and. I have used a very old photo, he's not even a year old in this one:

He is sat chewing on the string of beads from my Christmas tree!
I didn't want to make it Christmassy but more about the fun he was having so I chose bright happy colours instead of traditional Xmas ones.
Carole an I big used the same scrap lift from Pinterest to create the layouts and I LOVE this one too. Even my watery paint mess!

Lunchtime now but we are hoping to squeeze another in before school!

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Week twenty

It's crafty Tuesday!!! That means Carole and I have a whole day of crafting ahead :)

So as not I waste time chatting here, here's my project life page for week 20!

Carole found me a sketch to follow and as usual it turned out nothing like it was meant to.
But I LOVE IT!!!! I never use green but maybe I should more often? I love the pops of pink and how it's all held together by that.
See you soon with my prompt page xxxxx

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Monday, 20 May 2013


A page that I started yesterday but managed to finish this morning on prompt or today.
I'm not feeling my best this morning, headache, hot and cold flushes and a sick feeling so today this had to be quick. Maybe ill do another later if I start to feel better.

Today's prompt was the word suspense. I took from this my title, suspense is caused by who done its? And this worked for my photos.
I used 4x6 journalling cards as my backdrop and added extra bits here and there for interest. It's not the sort of page that needs a lot of faffing so I decided my paper elements were enough-
Thanks for looking, hope to see you soon cxxxx
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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Easy like Sunday morning

Which would be not so easy in this house!

I was up for 3 hours before I sat down or even had a drink... Housework, children, breakfast for them, animals and prepping dinner for tonight all came first.

Once that was out of the way tho and the second load of washing was on the line I managed some ME time. Here's what I made :)

The picture was taken at chew valley lake when we went for a walk there in February. The journalling talks about dan and how good he is at being the big brother. This doesn't just go or Elsie tho he's like it for all of them, including mike!

Lets hope this continues for years to come an when he needs help in return I'm sure I know who will be the first to offer it xxxx

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

It's the weekend

And that means more scrapping :). I've finished today's page already and it includes 2 rarely done things for me.
The first is A LOT of journalling. And it's not hidden! The second is that I did the whole page on y own with no outside influences at all. Which is rare for me these days.

Thanks for looking xxx

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Love to dance

So I started this one before I went out this morning and I've just finished it after collecting Lola from school, getting her to and from rainbows an sorting dinner!

Today's prompt was based around the ballroom so singing or dancing based, I knew I had this picture of my girls with Rosie, the mini ballerina teacher from centre parcs.

There is hidden journalling on the card in the vellum bag pocket which tells of how we see Rosie every time we go to centre parcs as the girls always want to do ballet class. So this year I asked if she would mind having a picture taken with the girls as we seem to have become regulars!!!

Let me know what you think xxxx

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Another long day

So today I was up early and still didn't manage to do my LOAD page until this evening.... I've spent the day with friends and was obviously so tired that I fell asleep on her sofa!!!! Whoops , as you can imagine that photo found its way to Facebook, however I'm glad that the snoring noise didn't :)

So today prompt was a wrench, not completely obvious right away what to do with that but I started thinking along the lines of tools and work and building or fixing things. So I went through my pics and pulled out a few that might work but this set called to me today.

It's my last log of raft building photos from centre parcs. I managed to squeeze all 5 on here using a pin from jillibean soup blog as a starting point.
I've hidden one of the photos under another with my signature washi tape hinge! That stuff is good for all sorts :)

Let me know what you think, and ill read them in the morning. Off to bed now, I clearly have sleep to catch up on xxxxxx

P.s thinking of you my friend and scrap buddy Carole. I know exactly how you are feeling right now and things will get better. Love you loads xxxxxxx

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Black eyed beauty

Not a page I set out to do today and not sure I'm going to like it in the morning but its all stuck and done now.
Evening is not my best time to scrap, half asleep etc etc but this evening I was more awake as I'd had a granny afternoon nap! Yes I am a 92 year old in a 31 year olds body!!!! :)

The accident happened as she was playing in grandads garden on the slide. She was with aunty Chris and Lisa so in very capable hands... She is going through an adventurous stage and has started to twist halfway down a slide. So she starts sitting on it normally then she lies down and flips over so she ends up feet first and belly down at the bottom. This particular time did not go so well as she plopped off the end and bashed her eye right on the lip of the slide! Causing this black eye to start up in a couple of hours. It didn't turn into much thankfully but as a mother I could see it for about a week. My poor baby girl injured by her adventurous nature, she will learn!!! Xxxxx
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Mrs peacock

So that was today's prompt, yet I have no peacocks in sight!
Instead I used ducks and the colour aqua which is what that character is.

I was challenged to do a page with everything in a strip. I true my best but the big things I chose to use jut spread themselves out :) I had leftover circles from punching them out of my last page and also used more loveliness from my studio calico collection. Let me know what you think xxx

P.s today is the 2 year anniversary of my Nan leaving us. It makes me sad as I think of all the things that she hasn't been here for but I am also proud of where and who we are because of her. After all she made us who we are today and I know she'd be happy and proud of us all. Xxxxx
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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Water play

My last one for today...

You know me, a sucker for challenges and especially today on crafty Carole Tuesday!!! Officially I'd ran out of scrapping time when I had to get Elsie and Lola but I'm quite lucky to have my scrapping desk downstairs and amongst where my children spend their time.. This might not sound good to some people but for me it means I can do thugs with my kids and in between play with paper and pretty things. It works perfectly for myself and my family!! Win win situation which is always good.
So I managed to finish this page as Elsie has gone to bed and Paul has taken Lola swimming! bonus :)

I'm actually loving my studio calico kit again this month as all of this came from it!
I don't know what I would do without it to be honest, it makes me use things i wouldn't normally buy (in a good way) and gives me exciting things every month, if you are junking of subscribing to a kit please try it out, it's amazing. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Who loves you?

On a roll now with the second layout. Suzie, Carole and I have all scrap lifted the same pin from Pinterest and although we've not all finished I'm 100% convinced that they are all gonna be completely different!

Today's prompt was WHO, so I chose to use this as part I my title using this photo of my girls. It's one if my favourite at the moment.

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Home sweet home

So thumping back to normality here with broken sleep, school run and vet visit! But now I'm in my happy place and I've done my first page of the day.

It's my project life page or this week so includes photos from retreat.
This was a quicky as I waited to be joined by Carole and Suzie and now they are here we can scrap together!!! Be back soon xxxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Home time :(

It's going home time!!! So sad to leave some wonderful ladies knowing that I won't see them again for another year.
Sod's law tho, the last morning and I wake up later than I have been, saying that tho I have completed one page this morning.

The prompt for today was about repetition, or that was how I felt about it so I did a page about something that we do every time it's someone's birthday. CAKE obviously! Even grandad still has a birthday cake and candles on his special day an the journalling reflects this. The page came from Shimelle laines YouTube videos and was the first one in her show about national scrapbook day. I'm gonna work my way through those :)

Anyways this is the last one for now and I am very likely to not be doing any more today. When I get home I need to spend some time with my family as I've missed them loads!!! Back to it tomorrow tho as its crafty Carole Tuesday xxxxxx

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Life is good

So another fave of the weekend!!!!!! How cool is that starburst?!?!??!

I just LOVE Carole for picking out things that she knows will push me but also that she knows I will love, you know me so well :)

its not exactly the same as the pin that i was challenged to do but i think it's close enough.

Now for the sad part :(...... this is our last night in the mansion! As i type everyone else is Packing around me it's so horrible. We have a lovely time and some of the people here I only see once a year and I so wish we lived closer :(

Love you guys xxxxxxxx

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Back to basics

And it really is with this page... A few strips of patterned paper, a corner rounder, a title and some washi! Done :)
So there's been drama in the home front, Elsie's got a fungal infection ( let's not talk too much about that as she had it Friday when we showed the doctor, go said it was nothing! Hospital today told Paul otherwise!) Lola's pulled her own tooth out, I'm so glad I wasn't there for that!! Elsie also peed on Paul ad then pooped on the floor! WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Can't wait to get home :) xxxxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Computer geeks

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but... How cool is this page????
Obviously not my own idea, instead lifted from a Pinterest page but its so cool, this would work with all manner of photographs, believe me it was hard to choose just one to use. If you get chance please try it, you won't be disappointed xxxxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Pretty birdy

I'm not sure on this page but its done let me know what you think x

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Load12: the usual suspects

Loved today's prompt, and I love my page. The picture is of my beautiful family at a photo shoot last year, it's one of my favourites.

Thanks for looking,.. A challenge ahead of me today I planned for 15 pages his weekend and I'm only on 8! What catch up I have to play. Best get a move on cxxx

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Last for the evening?

It's a bit late for me but I had to finish this page.., its quite simple and easy but I like it. I think it suits the photos and the story.

The pics are of Paul at Ashton court as we stood to watch a lady run past with the Olympic torch.
Will I do any more tonight??? I'm not quite on target for 15 am I????

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Hooray we have Internet!!!

So we've been for a dip in the hot tub, after having breakfast obviously!!! And then we got back to scrapping and I managed to finish this page

It's of Ali and Elsie having a smooch a normal!!! I like the thought of using boy papers and twisting them to suit girls an this is a perfect example. Do you think it works???

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Good morning!

Being awake at stupid o clock pays off!!! I've already done my first page of the day, it's on prompt and kills one of my challenges... 2 birds with one stone! Bargain!!!

The prompt was lust!! And my challenge was to use bright colour with Kraft card stock, I think I managed that well enough :)
Hope you like it, I'll be back!!!

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Friday, 10 May 2013


So this is the last one for today, my voice is going, I can't see properly and all because its WAY past my bedtime! And don't say it's the alcohol because I haven't touched a drop, I'm a good girl :)

So this is my third page in 4 hours??? Not bad going I don't think. My target is to do 15 pages by the time we leave on Monday morning, do able?????

Another Elsie page, just cause she's so darn cute and ALWAYS available to take pictures of as she's the only one not at school yet :)
This was taken at Alis house just before we went on a day out to paper arts in Stroud. Ali had glasses so Elsie wanted some too! Doesn't she look fab lol

This is another one of my challenges from Pinterest. I hope this isn't one of the easy ones Carole? Fingers crossed our Internet works properly tomorrow so I can get more done cxxx

Goodnight and sweet dreams xxx

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Big girl bed

Number 2! It's 21:44 on a Friday evening and I've just completed my second page, again it's another simple plainish one but that's ok. Lets see what you think?

So this is Elsie on her first night in her big girls bed. She looks so tin in this huge bed but she does love it. She never gets out, goes to bed perfectly and sleeps all night, my perfect little angel xxxx

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Wow what a place!

So excited! It's retreat day at last and WE ARE HERE!!!!!

The house is stunning the grounds and views are stunning its perfect, or would be if the Internet worked properly :( hopefully someone will sort it by tomorrow.

Anyways if this lets me post you'll be very lucky but here goes

This is my first challenge that I could get onto finally on my Pinterest from Carole!
It was quick an simple and looks amazing even if Ido say so myself, I love it a lot, very much my kind of page, thanks Carole, love you xxxx

Hopefully be bak with many many more over the weekend xxxxx

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

A late one

Evening! So I'm doing this blog post from the comfort of my nice cosy bed!!! It's been a manic crazy long day so I haven't had chance to even think about today's load page until tonight. However I was not going to be beaten and is done it. Ok so it's not the best page in the world but its done and I did it TODAY!

Today's prompt was a gun and the caption underneath the photo said ahhh shoot! So I took my inspiration from this. it wasn't guns we were firing this day tho, it was arrows and we do it every time we go to centre parcs. i love it because i like to see how good i can get in the allotted time, but most of the time away i spend with my girls and paul spends most of his time with the boys so this is my time to focus solely on my sons.

i used a very quick sketch from october afternoon and tried to add a few bits of my own but time, light and tiredness were against me so i ended up soig some and hated it, then i took it apart and did it a lot simpler.

Anyways I'm sticking to my challenge and that make me happy!!!

Tomorrow I go away on retreat with 13 other craft hungry ladies to spend 4 days just doing what we love! I can't wait :) Xxxxxx posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bunny biscuits

Second page of the day, only managed because Elsie doze off on the sofa :)
Ive gone back to the challenges that Carole had set me a while ago, also the ones she is setting me now, they all go on our joint Pinterest board named challenges!!!! What else??? :)
So this page is one from a while ago, now that I've cleared the board of all he ones I've completed I can see what I have left to do! Thankfully I can pick and choose from these as there are some really hard ones there! Like vintage style with flowers.... Mmmm naughty Carole, she knows that is the complete opposite of anything I ever do!

Anyway back to today's page:

I attempted the starburst challenge, Carole said they had to be big!!! So that what I did. This was much easier for me now, than when I was first set the challenge as I could now use my studio calico starburst template.

May I also bring your attention to the photograph, the pieces of washi alongside the pic is actually acting as a hinge, I've made it so that the photo flips over and reveals another picture underneath. The second picture is another of Lola with her biscuit. And sits nicely under the top one. I chose to hide it because the colours Werner quite working with the others on the page and I wanted to show of the hard work I put into the starburst pattern so didn't want to cover it all invasive photos.

Thanks for looking xxxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Jungle chums

Good morning lollicroppers!

Hope you are all well and that you enjoyed our summer!:)
Today's prompt was a bit of a weird one, Colonel Mustard! I'm glad Carole didn't join I'm at this point as she would have pout blank refused to join in on this one, but I don't mind a bit of yellow which was a good job :)

For a change I did my paper choices an page structure before I chose my photos. Usually I would pick my pictures first. the strips came from an idea Carole gave me,which was a card from pinterest and she asked me to do a page using shades of one colours! So instead of keeping it plain with plain papers I decided to do rounded pattern paper strips to add interest. It needed some extra colour to contrast so I chose hot pink with a hint of green to embellish with.

Thanks for looking today, see you soon cxxx

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


So today's prompt is why???? Why oh why can't I do a page today that I love??? I now like this page but I don't love it, it took a while to get it to a likeable state but I think it's there now.

I really wanted to scrap a photo of Daniel as I've only done one of him since starting load and ive done lots of all the others! so i chose this photo out of the 7 that i had (not many i know but he doesn't do photos!) it was taken last year but I've not got around to scrapping it.
the journalling talks about how he's getting too big, too old and how i wish we could o back to when he was little! if only!?!??

Today's sketch came from here:

I've used the scrappiest blogspot before and loved the outcome, I'm not overly keen on this one but it's growing on me xxxx

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Week eighteen

Second pae of the day, don't you just low scrapping Tuesdays!!!! This one again isn't on prompt but is my project life for this week. Hope you like it xxx

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How many?

Okay so today's first page is from yesterday's prompt. Although I managed to do a page yesterday I didn't do the one I wanted as last night I felt a bit poorly so wash up to crafting. However it's only 10am and now it's done so I can move on to today's prompt

I've heard a few f you in the Bedfordshire area are playing along with my pages!!! I love that and I'd love to see some of your work please link me up if you do some


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Monday, 6 May 2013

Circle journal

So first things first, today is bank holiday! I hope you are enjoying it, this weather is fantastic so we are off out in a little while but before that I had some important business to attend to.

At crop we run a circle journal group, it's coming to an end now but I am running a little behind. Or I was until just now :)
This is a page I've just done for Leigh's Disney book, I hope you don't read this Leigh but if you happen to do so SURPRISE :)

Leigh's theme was our favourite Disney movies and characters, I chose you story and mr potato head!

Maybe I will get more done today as I've not done prompt yet so hope to see you soon xxxx

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Just one more

Just one more for today, Paul's out getting drunk no doubt at a cider festival.... And it's almost time to get the girls in the bath and ready for bed and then I can lay on the sofa and do absolutely nothing for the evening!!!! Bonus!!!

So here's my page

I started with another Shimelle video and went from there, I hope you like it?
The photo is of nanny Ange and Elsie pretending to be bunnies at keryn and Isabelle's Easter party, we all had such a great time!!!

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Christmas in May!

So I'm back!
My friend Carole is away for most of the weekend so I am friendless :( however she did leave me with a choice of challenges to have a go at over the weekend.

One of them was a starburst page from Shimelle Laines blog, it wasn't Shimelles own work but one of her guest designers.

Anyways here is my attempt:

Unfortunately you can't really see my faux stitching too well on the photograph, maybe if you make it bigger you will? I'm not sure but I'm quite happy with the end result. I was expecting it to be quite difficult but luckily a while back I purchased a starburst template from studio calico so I used this to get my lines perfect.

I hope you like it xxxx

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Slow on a Sunday!

Can't I tell its a Sunday, I couldn't get out of bed, was up at 7 instead of my normal 5:30 so I didn't get I do my usual early morning scrap! And it's almost 1pm and I've only just finished my first page of the day!!! Can you believe it!!!!

And to depress me even more its not even on prompt, it's one that I started at crop yesterday and didn't have time to finish.

Anyways here it is:

It includes photos of Elsie and izzie from when we went to play at theirs for the day. The sun came out so we walked to the park, Keryn and I laughed at how the 2 girls were strolling along looking like baby thugs with their hands in their pockets, so cute tho!

I'm hoping I will be back later with more! Fingers crossed xxxx

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

All together now

So I have spent this afternoon scrapping along with Shimelle Laine in another of her videos on you tube.
At first it was just me, then Ali joined in an by the time we finished there were 5 of us scrapping along! Here's the finished product

They all turned out completely different as usual! But that the fun of scrapping :)

And just to make you smile here's a photo of Lola with the pebble she decorated and lovingly called hairy plopper!!!!

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Blog from crop!

So here I am midst crop and I've actually managed a page! And actually it's not too bad :)

I started off hating it, I was working from a sketch and it wasn't working well.... So I took the sketch out of the equation and did my own thing and now I'm happy with it.

Time for lunch then hopefully number 3!!!
Wish me luck xxxx

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