Monday, 30 January 2012

its snowing!

Which I hate because it is cold and wet and I have to go to the doctors again this morning..... but if it pitches I will love it because it means lots of photo opportunities :)

anyways, I'm back this morning with a couple more pages to share with you from my working through the pencil lines sketch book!

this first i am unsure about.... the pictures are from our holiday 2 years ago. we visited a sea life centre and ran into their mascot Ali the Alligator as we were about to leave. 
I hate these stupid things that dress up, I know they are people inside but they still freak me out lol but Lola loved it.
The large rainbow flowers are part of a pack that I got from Sassafras when they were clearing their stock... I like then but not sure they look right on here??? and also I'm unsure if I should make the curly chipboard a darker colour??? what do you think???

This second one is much more simplistic and my style. 
The only embellishments i have added are the gems along the bottom which hopefully tie in with the diamonds in our rings. I'm not sure if its too empty tho?? lol bit of a funny one.

would be grateful to hear what you think


1 comment:

  1. I love your Alligator layout Emma! I think those rainbow flowers go great on the layout, as they are picking up the purple circle and the green from the background. The only thing I might change is to somehow make the curly wurly chipboard maybe the same colour as the title, but really, it's lovely as it is.

    Your his and hers layout is fab, lovely and clean and simple.

    Hugs, Carole xxx