Friday, 31 May 2013

Early morning catchup!

Good morning!
I was up at 5:30 with Elsie this morning so whilst she drank juice and chilled out on the sofa I made a large mug of tea and got to work.

Again I'm not overly keen on this one, I definitely think my mood affects my scrapping :( and as I've been a but down lately my pages are suffering, bit I will continue in through because at least my stories are getting told :)

These pictures are from 2009 when Lola was just a one year old baby!!! Still she was as determined and stubborn as ever and ran away through the fields on her own.
Thanks for sticking with me through a rough patch hopefully ill be back to normal soon xxxx
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  1. I think you are being too hard on yourself because you aren't feeling great, and I also think you perhaps don't like this layout because you aren't keen on green. I, however, like green and really like this layout!!!

    Carole xxx

  2. I just saw this on my blog roll, and thought I'd better pop by to tell you how eye catching this layout is! I LOVE it, I think it looks great!!! Anyway, here's hoping you feel better soon, hugs, Roxy. P.S. I'd probably be grumpy if I was getting up at bloody 5:30, too!