Friday, 10 May 2013


So this is the last one for today, my voice is going, I can't see properly and all because its WAY past my bedtime! And don't say it's the alcohol because I haven't touched a drop, I'm a good girl :)

So this is my third page in 4 hours??? Not bad going I don't think. My target is to do 15 pages by the time we leave on Monday morning, do able?????

Another Elsie page, just cause she's so darn cute and ALWAYS available to take pictures of as she's the only one not at school yet :)
This was taken at Alis house just before we went on a day out to paper arts in Stroud. Ali had glasses so Elsie wanted some too! Doesn't she look fab lol

This is another one of my challenges from Pinterest. I hope this isn't one of the easy ones Carole? Fingers crossed our Internet works properly tomorrow so I can get more done cxxx

Goodnight and sweet dreams xxx

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  1. STUNNING :) Absolutely adore this page of my little chum, you did a brilliant job.

    Carole xxx