Tuesday, 7 May 2013


So today's prompt is why???? Why oh why can't I do a page today that I love??? I now like this page but I don't love it, it took a while to get it to a likeable state but I think it's there now.

I really wanted to scrap a photo of Daniel as I've only done one of him since starting load and ive done lots of all the others! so i chose this photo out of the 7 that i had (not many i know but he doesn't do photos!) it was taken last year but I've not got around to scrapping it.
the journalling talks about how he's getting too big, too old and how i wish we could o back to when he was little! if only!?!??

Today's sketch came from here:

I've used the scrappiest blogspot before and loved the outcome, I'm not overly keen on this one but it's growing on me xxxx

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