Sunday, 19 May 2013

Easy like Sunday morning

Which would be not so easy in this house!

I was up for 3 hours before I sat down or even had a drink... Housework, children, breakfast for them, animals and prepping dinner for tonight all came first.

Once that was out of the way tho and the second load of washing was on the line I managed some ME time. Here's what I made :)

The picture was taken at chew valley lake when we went for a walk there in February. The journalling talks about dan and how good he is at being the big brother. This doesn't just go or Elsie tho he's like it for all of them, including mike!

Lets hope this continues for years to come an when he needs help in return I'm sure I know who will be the first to offer it xxxx

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  1. Really like this one, especially the border and the sign post cluster, oh and the arrows :) Love Dan too, such a star!

    Carole xxx

  2. Adore all your layouts Emma, you really are an inspiration!
    Suzie xxx