Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Honeys I'm home!!!

Hello lovely ladies :) and possible gents!?!?!? X

So we've had a fab bank holiday weekend, spent it in Bude with Paul's aunt and uncle. I love ten so much, they are friendly and kind and always so welcoming.

So I got kind of sunburnt in the lovely weather and I'm knackered due to the girls having to sleep in with us but we had such an amazing time, certainly beats sitting around at home doing nothing :)

So now I'm home I had to get back to work and play catch up with the prompts that I've missed.

This was Fridays and the prompt was hall. I chose dance hall and dug these out of my wedding box as I thought they would be perfect.

I'm not overly keen on it, I think it's missing stuff but I can't spend any more time on it as its driving me nuts xxxxx

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  1. Hi Emma
    Firstly, don't a thing, it's perfect!! What a beautiful photo too! If you have to add anything, I would suggest some hidden journaling, and that's it!
    Glad you had a great time away, sounds like fun, well apart from the sleepless nights, lol!
    Not joining you and Carole today, as I had to get the kids out before they killed each other, half term and all that ;)
    Hopefully again next Tuesday, looking forward to it.
    Suzie xxx :)

  2. Sorry, that should have read, don't change a thing, but think you may have already guessed that :)