Friday, 3 May 2013

Challenge within a challenge

Do you know what I love about spring mornings? They are light and when I wake up early hours of the morning (5:30) I can get up and scrap whilst the rest of the house is still snoozing!
I did that again this morning and so I have this page to show you already

Bit of a wonky photo today sorry! I had an accident when I got home from school and so my toe is really hurting standing up is a bit challenging in itself at the mo so standing there long enough to get a great pic was just too much :)
The theme for today is kitchen, so even before I'd come downstairs I knew I was going to scrap this photo....I have 2 moRe in my pile that I want to finish by the end of today so I'm kinda challenging myself to get on and do it!

P.s. this layout came from a Shimelle Laine starting point which you can find here:

So I guess enough gassing, lets get onto the next!
See you soon xxxx

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking this one :) and admiring your bravery at going anywhere near your lovely page with black wet stuff! Never works out for me!!! :/

    Carole xxx