Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Water play

My last one for today...

You know me, a sucker for challenges and especially today on crafty Carole Tuesday!!! Officially I'd ran out of scrapping time when I had to get Elsie and Lola but I'm quite lucky to have my scrapping desk downstairs and amongst where my children spend their time.. This might not sound good to some people but for me it means I can do thugs with my kids and in between play with paper and pretty things. It works perfectly for myself and my family!! Win win situation which is always good.
So I managed to finish this page as Elsie has gone to bed and Paul has taken Lola swimming! bonus :)

I'm actually loving my studio calico kit again this month as all of this came from it!
I don't know what I would do without it to be honest, it makes me use things i wouldn't normally buy (in a good way) and gives me exciting things every month, if you are junking of subscribing to a kit please try it out, it's amazing. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. Such a fun, bright, cheerful, Summery layout! Love it. So glad you moved those circles to the middle, thank you Lola for your Coca Cola intervention!!!

    Carole xxx