Thursday, 23 May 2013

Second on prompt

So in my next photo box of tricks I was onto square pics. And I found this one of Lola on he first rainbows outing to the farm.

I use the 'stick' part from candlestick prompt in this title and just kind o threw things that I liked onto my page.
I started off tho by paint dabbing through a New mask that I bought to how the chevrons, I then used a new pocket (which doesn't have anything in) and some new string. The rest I just built up more and more .

Right it's past my bed time! See you tomorrow xxxxx

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  1. AMAZING! wow. love this layout! Even the wet stuff, and especially the string :)

    Carole xxx

  2. Loving all your layouts Emma, just amazing!! You should do a video all of your filled albums, it would be lovely to see :)
    Suzie xxx :)