Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mrs peacock

So that was today's prompt, yet I have no peacocks in sight!
Instead I used ducks and the colour aqua which is what that character is.

I was challenged to do a page with everything in a strip. I true my best but the big things I chose to use jut spread themselves out :) I had leftover circles from punching them out of my last page and also used more loveliness from my studio calico collection. Let me know what you think xxx

P.s today is the 2 year anniversary of my Nan leaving us. It makes me sad as I think of all the things that she hasn't been here for but I am also proud of where and who we are because of her. After all she made us who we are today and I know she'd be happy and proud of us all. Xxxxx
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  1. Loving this page Emma (even if it isn't exactly very "strip-y"!) I love how in your mind Peacocks can be substituted for ducks!!! But I really do love the colour scheme and that notepad punch!!!

    There is no doubt in my mind that your Nan would indeed be very proud of you and she would love seeing all your beautiful layouts.

    Carole xxx

  2. Hi Emma,

    A fellow LOAD-ster here, I saw you had a blog and that your screen name mentioned Bristol and had to go and check it out. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with my English husband. He is originally from Bristol and his mom and brother still live there. We visit them about 4 times a year. I'd love to attend one of your crops if it's on when I visit:-)

  3. Love your Mrs Aqua-duck page Emma. Your Nan is watching and is very proud of you all. Wouldn't it be great if Sonja from the Netherlands could join us at Lollicrop on one of her visits to Bristol? lol Susiesu xxx