Tuesday, 21 May 2013


So I sorted all of my photos our on Sunday, I now have an almost full box of old and new pics. I arranged them so that all of the children have their own separate section, there is one for all of us or more than one of them. Then there is one for just me and Paul. A couple of holiday boxes and a wedding box and then just random pics. Pretty much organised the same way my scrapping albums are.
Now that I've done this I'm going to try and scrap fairly, and by this I mean I'm going to work through each box picking one from dans, then mikes, etc etc so that it doesn't feel like I'm always scrapping the girls, even tho they like me to take pictures and the boys don't.
So in the upcoming months you may see more older pictures being done, hence Daniels page yesterday.
So now it's mikes turn and. I have used a very old photo, he's not even a year old in this one:

He is sat chewing on the string of beads from my Christmas tree!
I didn't want to make it Christmassy but more about the fun he was having so I chose bright happy colours instead of traditional Xmas ones.
Carole an I big used the same scrap lift from Pinterest to create the layouts and I LOVE this one too. Even my watery paint mess!

Lunchtime now but we are hoping to squeeze another in before school!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! and how cute is your little baby (then I know) but I'm sure still lovely!!
    This is fab Emma, deffo going to do this challenge, it's a great page, and love how you have organised your photos, I have something similar recently, it does make it easier to find them :)
    Suzie xxx :)