Sunday, 12 May 2013

Back to basics

And it really is with this page... A few strips of patterned paper, a corner rounder, a title and some washi! Done :)
So there's been drama in the home front, Elsie's got a fungal infection ( let's not talk too much about that as she had it Friday when we showed the doctor, go said it was nothing! Hospital today told Paul otherwise!) Lola's pulled her own tooth out, I'm so glad I wasn't there for that!! Elsie also peed on Paul ad then pooped on the floor! WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Can't wait to get home :) xxxxx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Location:Old Hereford Road,,United Kingdom


  1. I LOVE this one, sometimes simple works really well when everything works so well together :)

    Carole xxx

  2. LOL! And the pay off for a great and quick layout is.... poo and pee and fungus.