Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Professor plum

This was today's prompt, and pushing it But on time I've completed it.

I'm actually loving my new way of working through my pictures, and today's box was of Dan!!! this photo was taken a few years back but i still love it. this layout relates to the prompt because i was thinking about professors and that led me to think of teaching and then i ended ip thinking about how Dan is a BIG thinker! he always asks questions, always wants to know who, what , where and when. over thinks things most of the time and worries about stuff that he needn't worry about. But that's just who he is. To start this of I asked Daniel to choose a aperture that he liked from my box of 12x12s so that I ha a little more of him on my page. I was gonna do a page all about that but decided to do a page about who he is as a person now and chose a few descriptive words that sprang to mind when i thought of him.
It's not my best page ever but it's also not my worst! I got new photos through the post today o our weekend away so I've stored them in my no and I'm looking Forward to using those this coming week or 2! :) xxx

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