Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bunny biscuits

Second page of the day, only managed because Elsie doze off on the sofa :)
Ive gone back to the challenges that Carole had set me a while ago, also the ones she is setting me now, they all go on our joint Pinterest board named challenges!!!! What else??? :)
So this page is one from a while ago, now that I've cleared the board of all he ones I've completed I can see what I have left to do! Thankfully I can pick and choose from these as there are some really hard ones there! Like vintage style with flowers.... Mmmm naughty Carole, she knows that is the complete opposite of anything I ever do!

Anyway back to today's page:

I attempted the starburst challenge, Carole said they had to be big!!! So that what I did. This was much easier for me now, than when I was first set the challenge as I could now use my studio calico starburst template.

May I also bring your attention to the photograph, the pieces of washi alongside the pic is actually acting as a hinge, I've made it so that the photo flips over and reveals another picture underneath. The second picture is another of Lola with her biscuit. And sits nicely under the top one. I chose to hide it because the colours Werner quite working with the others on the page and I wanted to show of the hard work I put into the starburst pattern so didn't want to cover it all invasive photos.

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  1. Another lovely layout, gosh! you're so quick! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by photos at the moment. I've just been up to my little crafty room trying to sort them into themed piles, and that doesn't include the digital ones on the computer, yikes!!! Sooooo many photots, I don't even know where to start. I'm doing a smashbook all about me at the moment, so that's working out well, lots of pics of when I was growing up. At least they'll all be in the one place, then I can move onto the next pile, lol! Suzie xxx

  2. Aw, this is great! I really love the sunburst - Studio Calico template, you say? I'll have to see if I can find that, or maybe my silhouette will cut something similar! Anyway, really love the bright colours!