Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Black eyed beauty

Not a page I set out to do today and not sure I'm going to like it in the morning but its all stuck and done now.
Evening is not my best time to scrap, half asleep etc etc but this evening I was more awake as I'd had a granny afternoon nap! Yes I am a 92 year old in a 31 year olds body!!!! :)

The accident happened as she was playing in grandads garden on the slide. She was with aunty Chris and Lisa so in very capable hands... She is going through an adventurous stage and has started to twist halfway down a slide. So she starts sitting on it normally then she lies down and flips over so she ends up feet first and belly down at the bottom. This particular time did not go so well as she plopped off the end and bashed her eye right on the lip of the slide! Causing this black eye to start up in a couple of hours. It didn't turn into much thankfully but as a mother I could see it for about a week. My poor baby girl injured by her adventurous nature, she will learn!!! Xxxxx
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  1. Poor Elsie! Hope she's better now, but perhaps this pic was from some time ago? (NB no pic on here at the mo!) So glad to see you blogging on a more regular basis again!! xx