Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Miss Scarlett

The title of my page was the title of today's prompt, also a character from cluedo!
When I heard the prompt I had no clue what I would scrap, as it happens with the way I've sorted my photos I had to choose from the box that includes pics of myself and my husband. How weird that this should happen and I find these photos of when I dyed my hair back in January!!!
I didn't look any further once I found these :)

This page has literally been throne together in the last hour if you know me you'll know that I'm NEVER a night owl I like to go to bed earlier than a woman my age should and I usually like to get up and a stupid hour of the morning :) so to have just finished and be blogging this page at 10pm is unheard of. i had no choice today due o it being a busy one but i couldn't let my good record slip.
Although saying that I've just booked a bank holiday holiday so i wont be scrapping for 2 whole days as I'm hoping to do one on the day i go and the day i get back :) hope that doesn't I against me????
Anyways I'm
In bed now so will wish you all a good night and sweet dreams xxxxxx

P.s aunts chris I hope you've manage to work out how to scroll down the blog now xxxxxx

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