Thursday, 9 May 2013

A late one

Evening! So I'm doing this blog post from the comfort of my nice cosy bed!!! It's been a manic crazy long day so I haven't had chance to even think about today's load page until tonight. However I was not going to be beaten and is done it. Ok so it's not the best page in the world but its done and I did it TODAY!

Today's prompt was a gun and the caption underneath the photo said ahhh shoot! So I took my inspiration from this. it wasn't guns we were firing this day tho, it was arrows and we do it every time we go to centre parcs. i love it because i like to see how good i can get in the allotted time, but most of the time away i spend with my girls and paul spends most of his time with the boys so this is my time to focus solely on my sons.

i used a very quick sketch from october afternoon and tried to add a few bits of my own but time, light and tiredness were against me so i ended up soig some and hated it, then i took it apart and did it a lot simpler.

Anyways I'm sticking to my challenge and that make me happy!!!

Tomorrow I go away on retreat with 13 other craft hungry ladies to spend 4 days just doing what we love! I can't wait :) Xxxxxx posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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