Monday, 13 May 2013

Home time :(

It's going home time!!! So sad to leave some wonderful ladies knowing that I won't see them again for another year.
Sod's law tho, the last morning and I wake up later than I have been, saying that tho I have completed one page this morning.

The prompt for today was about repetition, or that was how I felt about it so I did a page about something that we do every time it's someone's birthday. CAKE obviously! Even grandad still has a birthday cake and candles on his special day an the journalling reflects this. The page came from Shimelle laines YouTube videos and was the first one in her show about national scrapbook day. I'm gonna work my way through those :)

Anyways this is the last one for now and I am very likely to not be doing any more today. When I get home I need to spend some time with my family as I've missed them loads!!! Back to it tomorrow tho as its crafty Carole Tuesday xxxxxx

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