Saturday, 1 June 2013

Summer has arrived!

Officially or according to my mum, today was the pest day of summer an or once Mother Nature got the weather right for the occasion!!! So we've spent the day as a family in the garden, at my Grandads eating barbecue food and watching the kids in the new paddling pool!!! It was great :)
I've just or home, Elsie's in bed and Lola's chilling on the sofa so I've had the last ten minutes I needed to finish my page from yesterday, this has taken forever I can tell you!

I've done this twice and taken it apart again as there was something not quite right with it but now I think I'm happy. This was for the last prompt in LOAD which was billboards room. You might wonder how I got this from that particular prompt so ill explain my process.
A billboards room is where you play snooker or pool..... Pool can also be known for swimming and pool parties...... When I saw this photo I was going to title my page party princess..... But indecisive as I am, I changed My mind about the title at the last minute :)
See you can use prompts in any way you like really you just have to know how to play the game :)

Now that it's June tho I'm sad, no more load :( I think going to be pestering Carole a whole lot more.... Hope you're ready xxxxxx

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