Thursday, 4 October 2012


And so it has begun again.... LOAD!

I do love it and it hasn't failed to get me scrapping again this time around in fact I'm all up to date with it and with 3 hours left to myself I'm wondering what i should do next?!?!?!
So I am spending ten minutes catching up with you guys.... thought i would share a few of my latest with you, see what you think:

Ok so this is the first... I started it before LOAD began but completed it on the first day... It was a mix of 3 or 4 layouts from other people and as i couldn't decide which one i wanted to do i mishmashed them together and ended up with this.
The picture itself is of Mine and Paul's initials in the sand at Bude, when we visited for the wedding of Chris and Steph.
Bude is such a calming place, we love it and have made some massive decisions whilst there... it was where we decided that we would get married before coming straight home and booking the castle, and other important things that shouldn't be discussed on blogs :)
The whole initial thing in the sand happens every time we visit... except when we first went it was always my maiden name and now its changed.... every time I take a pic too :)

LOAD day 1 - the challenge was to use a photo of ourselves and also to use a song title on it.

I kind of ended up throwing different papers at it just to see what would work.... since taking the Jen Jockisch layers class I have become a lot more confident with it all and it comes a lot more naturally than it used to. The bingo card symbolises my luck in finding my hubby, and I only didnt call it 'Lucky' because Paul chuckled and got a big head when I mentioned it...! bloody men!
So it ended up being, you're still the one, which i quite like.
This pic was again taken at Chris and Stephs wedding in Bude as Paul and i were sharing a little cuddle whilst the girls were being occupied by other people....

LOAD day 2 - To follow a starting point given to us by a guest star :)

I started by copying the point exactly with how the layers worked, I also gave myself an extra challenge by asking Ali to pick out a few papers to use which worked to my advantage as I had no clue where to start really.
I then chose the pictures.... ended up with 8 i think! and used the layers as pockets to store the large tag which holds the majority of the photos and Dans certificate from camp.
I managed to use the rest of the camp photos that I had which was great!!!

LOAD day 3 - A colour challenge

We were given a link to a blog which gives out colour challenges... I chose this one.... please take a look it can be very inspirational!!!
i love this photo of Lola taken at the wedding.... they had the reception in an orchard, it was beautiful and very relaxed, they had cameras hanging everywhere to get some natural pics and Lola loved this!
I called it Mini Me as thats how i look most of the time lol... always behind the camera and she was taking a photo of me taking a photo of cute!

LOAD day 4 - Moving forward /a journey!

We could choose what we wanted to do today as long as it had something to do with a journey.... I chose the kids pics from when they restarted in September. What with Daniel starting senior school and Lola starting proper school this was a big year for us.... more to come next year when Michael joins Dan!!!
I took these on their first day, and yeah they were messing about but it wouldn't be them if they weren't making stupid faces!!!

LOAD day 4 - part 2!

As today is my peaceful day i have had plenty of time to scrap, so I did a second page for todays prompt.
Pics are of Elsie in her new wellies!
Winking all the way...she loves it lol and i couldn't resist taking a photo of her in just her nappy and boots.... she's so cute!!!

It looks really wonky here but i promise its not in real life, just bad photo editing!!! a very simple page but I wanted the focus t be on the photos which i think it is... you cant miss them to be honest :)

anyways enough from me for today..... hope you've enjoyed todays gallery!!!

see you soon xxxx


  1. Amazing layouts Emma, love them all!!! Suzie xxx :)

  2. wow--stunning layouts as always xx