Saturday, 6 October 2012

early start!

Good morning lovelies!

you have probably guessed that I am once again LOVING LOAD! :) 
Every morning I check to see what the prompt is straight away so my brain has time to think about it a bit before I sit down to scrap... well this morning I didn't give myself much time to think as I was up at 5:30 with Elsie as was Paul... so as we were both here, he snuggled with her on the sofa and I got straight to work on todays page. 

here it is:

Its very very GREEN!
The prompt for today was to do as we wished, but i was inspired by the lady that they featured today as she had taken an old sheet of used up Thickers and found words that it still made and used those on pages.... I chose to do this with my favourite sheet of alphas ever... the monstro red alphabet by sassafras... no matter what page you add it to it adds life, and fun... I don't know if this is because of the bold red colour or the shadowed element of it but thats how it makes me feel. 
I happened to have 2 sheets of the design as i love them so much so finding a few words wasn't difficult, and I actually have the word 'music' 3 times left to use on a particularly party page i think :)
These words also jumped out at me and they went perfectly with this photo of Elsie from when we went to Bude. as you might have already spotted I did have to do some maintenance to make this title work, I had ran out of the letter 'n' so performed surgery on a letter H and chopped its top off.... I don't think it notices too much and it helped me tremendously...maybe you could do that with some of your alphas.... a typical way I change letters is to use a 3 as an E or a W as an M! so easy to do and mostly unrecognisable!!

Ok so i have a busy day today so am getting started now...... see you all very soon xxxxxx

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