Thursday, 18 October 2012

feeling better!

So our sick house is back on the mend.... little Elsie moo has been throw up free for a couple of days now so things are looking up.
she still couldn't go to Zoe's today as they have to go 48 hours without sickness before they are allowed back so I'm really looking forward to Tuesday now, as I'm sure she is too!!
As you can imagine i haven't done much crafting over the past few days, but I have squeezed a couple of pages in whilst Elsie has slept and on an evening.
Im still going with October LOAD, even if i am a couple of days behind, and I'm also up to date with Carole's challenges too, so all in all I'm not doing too badly.

Im also very excited as Ive spoken to the chap from the house that we have rented out for retreat next month and he has assured me that all will be fine.... cant wait now, it has seems to be forever away for months and now its only 3 weeks until we go!!! Cant wait :)

So heres my last couple of pages, would love to know what you think??

This one was for day 7 of Carole's challenges and day 15 of LOAD.
It combines a grid layout from Carole and frames challenge from LOAD. 
I quite like it, it does look almost exactly like the pinterest page that Carole gave me
The pics are of Elsie in the garden back in June when Paul gave me an early birthday present, my new camera lens, obviously i had to try it out and Elsie was a willing subject. It wasn't until I had printed the photos and was looking at them carefully when I noticed all of her different faces!

It also appears I'm loving red and yellow at the moment :)
This page was day 8 of Carole's challenges and day 16 for LOAD
It incorporates the hand drawn and cut title that Carole asked for plus layers for LOAD.... I really enjoyed painting, layering up the colours, overlapping the designs to make this page pop... Paul thinks it looks like a comic book page?????
Hand drawing and cutting out a title of my own took me back to the first days of scrapping. When I started this addictive craft 8 or 9 years ago, we didn't have the selection of things we have now, there werent many alphabets, or embellishments, lots of things were hand made so this was very old school effect for me, one that I didn't find too difficult :)
I also chose to draw on some stars, they are my signature doodle, stars along with hearts, and as i wanted some more on the I thought I would just doodle them.
The design o the page follows quite closely to this one on Pinterest, as it is the one that Carole pinned for me to look at. 
Guess what tho..... I also learned how to use my sewing machine!!!! :)
If you look really closely you will see my dodgy, but not out of place sewing around the photo, I have Carole to thank for making me get it out and helping me to load up the bobbin (very exciting stuff) and she also helped me via Skype to get started.... quite difficult when you aren't in the room!!!
So now its set up on my craft table with everything else so that I can make good use of it, Im wondering why I didn't try to do this earlier! expect sewing on many more pages to come lol

thanks for coming by today.

see you soon xxxxxx


  1. Love both your lovely bright and colourful layouts, but especially the "comic book" one ;) That title is amazing even if you did do it years ago, no one does anymore so that makes it different!

    I knew you would love sewing on your projects! It wasn't easy being on the other end of a screen but we got there in the end!


    Carole xxx

  2. Some more of your lovely lo's

    hope you have a great time when you are away too